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Mares Bolt SLS

Bolt SLS

The Bolt BCD is superbly comfortable and streamlined. Great for travel, it can a..
€389,00 €298,00
Lucas Choice
Mares Quad


The Mares Quad has a beautiful and bright display with very big, easy to read, d..
Mares X-vision Ultra Liquid Skin

X-vision Ultra Liquid Skin

A technical and aesthetic restyling of the incredible X-Vision, the X-Vision Ult..
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Mares Dragon SLS

Dragon SLS

Mares Dragon SLS has been designed especially for divers that do not just want s..
€499,00 €399,00
Mares Puck Pro +

Puck Pro +

An evolution of the successful Puck Pro, the Puck Pro + is easy to read with an ..
Dive outlet
Mares EOS 20RZ W/L (= With Lock)

EOS 20RZ W/L (= With Lock)

Be illuminated with the EOS 20RZ! This torch offers a luminous intensity which m..
€329,00 €248,00
Mares Smart


The Mares Smart dive computer is the smartest dive computer by Mares with an exc..
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Mares Kaila SLS

Kaila SLS

The Mares Kaila SLS buoyancy compensator features a standard inflator and weight..
€499,00 €399,00
Mares Avanti Quattro +

Avanti Quattro +

The Avanti Quattro + fin is efficient and responsive, with great thrusting power..
Mares Power Plana

Power Plana

The Power Plana fins is the ideal fin for the tech diver. Made of nearly indestr..
Mares Rover 2S Regulator

Rover 2S Regulator

The ideal dive regulator for dive center rental, the Rover 2S is easy to maintai..
Dive outlet
Mares Eos 10R

Eos 10R

The light, compact EOS 10R dive light offers incredible power in a handy size! I..
€135,00 €109,00
Mares Superchannel full foot

Superchannel full foot

The Avanti Superchannel FF fin is the perfect blend of power and efficiency...
Mares Quad Air Including Transmitter

Quad Air Including Transmitter

The innovative Mares Quad Air and the The LED Tank Module are put together for t..
Mares Pioneer 5 Male

Pioneer 5 Male

A revamped version of the original Pioneer wetsuit from Mares. The red, 5mm vers..
Mares Avanti Superchannel OH

Avanti Superchannel OH

The Avanti Superchannel OH is the latest evolution in Channel Thrust Technology,..
Mares Reef Full 3mm Female

Reef Full 3mm Female

The updated Reef wetsuit is cool, stretchy and ideal for temperate water! With a..
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Mares Dual ADJ 52X Set

Dual ADJ 52X Set

This set contains the Mares 52X Dual Adjustable regulator and the Mares Dual Oct..
€499,00 €379,00
Mares Reef Full 3mm Male

Reef Full 3mm Male

The updated Reef wetsuit is cool, stretchy and ideal for temperate water! With a..
Mares Manta


Mares' exclusive closed heel fin features side channels to maximize performance ..
Mares Ergo Dry

Ergo Dry

A dry top and an ergonomic mouthpiece make this the ideal snorkel for scuba or s..
Mares X Stream

X Stream

X-Stream comfort, X-ceptional efficiency, the X-Stream fin is the result of 60 p..
Dive outlet
Mares Genius with Transmitter

Genius with Transmitter

The Genius - it's all in the name! A trimix and nitrox capable dive computer wit..
€849,00 €799,00
Dive outlet
Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin 70 Year Anniversary

X-Vision Liquid Skin 70 Year Anniversary

Mares comes with a special edition of the X-Vision Ultra Liquid Skin for their 7..
€119,00 €89,00

Ludovico Mares designed his first scuba diving masks and spearguns with one dream in mind: to share his passion for the sea and scuba diving with the world. He started a small factory in Rapallo (Italy) with the Mares brand in 1949. Mares is now one of the leading companies of innovative technologies in the diving industry. Mares is known for investing in innovation, research, expertise and creativity to meet every diver's requirements in every product.

Diving equipment from Mares

Mares is a manufacturer that designs and manufactures numerous products for divers. From wetsuits, drysuits, buoyancy compensators (BCD’s), dive computers, scuba diving regulators to diving fins. You can put together your entire diving equipment with products from Mares.

Mares regulators

Within the range of Mares regulators you will find many different versions. A good scuba diving regulator is essential for good breathing while diving and within the range of Mares there is undoubtedly a regulator that suits your needs. The most popular regulators are the Mares Dual ADJ 52X, Mares Dual ADJ 62X and the Mares Dual ADJ 82X.

Mares BCDs

We have a very extensive range of Mares BCD’s. The Mares BCD’s offer a lot of comfort, a good fit, safety and excellent buoyancy so that you can dive comfortably! A selection from our Mares BCD range:

Each Mares BCD has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which BCD fits your needs will depend on your wishes and requirements.

Mares dive computers

A dive computer is an essential part of your diving equipment and gives you more information about depth, time underwater, nitrogen build-up and gives you warnings when necessary. Mares has a number of dive computers, a selection from the range:

More information about Mares products? Read our blogs!

We are happy to tell you more about Mares products. Read one of our blogs:


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Lucas Divestore is official dealer of Mares and we have a large stock of Mares products. Order online and benefit from fast delivery, the lowest price and free shipping above € 50 in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. 

Do you have questions or do you need advice? We are there for you to give you tailor-made advice and answer your questions. Feel free to contact us!

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