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Diving fins are an important part of your diving equipment. You can move quickly and smoothly through the water with diving fins. Diving fins consist of a pedestal and leaf.
Apeks RK4 Fins

RK4 Fins

Conserve energy with this compact, wide-blade technical fin. Providing outstandi..
Lucas Choice
Mares Avanti Quattro +

Avanti Quattro +

The Avanti Quattro + diving fins exceed the established performance of the tradi..
Scubapro Jet Fin

Jet Fin

SCUBAPRO's JET FIN is famous. This distinctive fin design set the standard for p..
Apeks RK3 Fins

RK3 Fins

Designed in collaboration with the US military and renowned for outstanding perf..
Scubapro Go Fin

Go Fin

GO travelling, GO Diving, GO Snorkeling – with the GO fin.
Scubapro Scubapro Seawing Nova

Scubapro Seawing Nova

The Seawing Nova combines classic SCUBAPRO fin technology with the latest innova..
Scubapro Go Sport

Go Sport

SCUBAPRO’s GO Sport fin features a “boot-fit” design, enabling divers who ..
Apeks RK3 HD


The RK3 HD is the next fin in the RK3 range of fins. The RK3 HD is made from a h..
Scubapro Go Sport Ribs  / Scuba Skegs

Go Sport Ribs / Scuba Skegs

The GO SPORT fin features a modified blade that provides mounting points to atta..
Scubapro Seawing Supernova

Seawing Supernova

SCUBAPRO’s 2022 Seawing Supernova represents the next generation of powerful S..
Mares Avanti Superchannel OH

Avanti Superchannel OH

The Avanti Superchannel OH diving fins are ideal for the diver seeking the perfe..
Scubapro Go Sport Gorilla

Go Sport Gorilla

While identical in design to the GO Sport Fin, the Gorilla features a slightly s..
Mares Avanti Pure

Avanti Pure

The Avanti Pure diving fins have a blade length ranging from 27 to 34.5 cm depen..
Tusa HyFlex Switch SF0104

HyFlex Switch SF0104

The TUSA SF0104 Hyflex Switch is powered by PuRiMaX “Polyurethane Blade System..
dive outlet
Mares Power Plana Size S

Power Plana Size S

The Power Plana is the perfect technical fin, especially for frog kicking! Made ..
Mares Bungee Straps  (2 pieces)

Bungee Straps (2 pieces)

Replacement straps for open footed fins. Ergonomic and easy to adjust, the new B..
Mares Power Plana Fins

Power Plana Fins

The Power Plana is the perfect technical fin, especially for frog kicking! Made ..
Tusa Travel Right SF0110

Travel Right SF0110

TUSA’s new Travel Right Fin is the newest addition to their Scuba Diving gear...
Oceanic Manta Ray

Manta Ray

Inspired by the ocean’s most effortless swimmers, the Manta Ray fin was design..
Scubapro S-Tek Fin

S-Tek Fin

A new addition to SCUBAPRO’s S-Tek line of technical diving equipment, the S-T..
Tusa HyFlex Switch Pro SF0107

HyFlex Switch Pro SF0107

The TUSA HyFlex SWITCH Pro SF0107 offers a 20% stiffer blade compound for the ..
Scubapro Twin Jet II

Twin Jet II

Max out on propulsion with the Twin Jet II. This new split fin is constructed of..
OMS Tribe Fin

Tribe Fin

The OMS Tribe fin is made of a unique mix of materials using the highest quality..
Scubapro Jet Fin Stainless Steel strap kit (Per 2)

Jet Fin Stainless Steel strap kit (Per 2)

Strap on with the Jet Fin Stainless Steel strap kit.

Scuba diving fins are an important part of your diving equipment. You can move quickly and smoothly through the water with scuba diving fins. Diving fins consist of a pedestal and leaf. For example, the blade is often sturdy along the length and very flexible in width. Scuba diving fins come in many different shapes and sizes. A distinction is also made between snorkeling fins and diving fins. Diving fins are suitable for snorkeling and diving, but snorkeling fins are not suitable for diving. Snorkeling fins are often too light, too short or a lesser quality.

Different types of diving fins

There are different types of scuba diving fins. Within our range of snorkeling fins and scuba diving fins there are different types and qualities.

Diving fins with an open heel do not have a closed foot pocket but is open at the back. You can often adjust the open heel with a strap. Diving fins are easy to take on and off. The strap ensures that your foot stays in the same place. The sizes of these diving fins are usually varies from XS to XL. Diving fins with an open heel revolve around comfort. In some cases they are also suitable for diving shoes.

Scuba diving fins with a closed heel are generally smoother and lighter than the open heel diving fins. Your feet are completely enclosed by a pedestal, so you can easily wear them on bare feet or neoprene socks.

When choosing diving fins it is important to know that there are different types of blades. Which type of blade suits you best depends on your preferences and the method of diving. For example, take the split fins. These scuba diving fins consists of two different blades. This makes the resistance of the water lower, which costs less power. In addition to split fins, there are also hinged blades. A pivot point is built into the blade. This makes swimming easier and requires less effort.

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Diving fins at Lucas Divestore

Choosing the right scuba diving fins can be very difficult. We offer a wide selection of dive fins for men, women and children from top brands such as Mares, Scubapro, Aqualung and more. Need advice? We are happy to help you with the best advice.

We ship our snorkel sets all over the world. We deliver in the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia and many more countries. The shipping costs and delivery time depend on the country.

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