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Scuba diving compasses, dive consoles, Dept & pressure gauges

Scubapro Compact SPG

Compact SPG

SCUBAPRO's Compact Pressure Gauge is an ideal travelling gauge or back-up instru..
Scubapro Compact Console

Compact Console

The SCUBAPRO Compact TWIN Console: the perfect back-up system enabling you to r..
Aqualung Compass Wrist

Compass Wrist

Designed with readability in mind, Aqua Lung’s Compass is perfect for precise ..
Scubapro Standard Depth Gauge

Standard Depth Gauge

This handy depth gauge features a fluorescent scale, a built-in temperature gaug..
Scubapro Dual SPG

Dual SPG

Compact, all-metal analog pressure gauge. This dual psi/bar model is ideal for t..
Mares Mission 3

Mission 3

This analog console is completed with a compact compass. The optimally angled s..
Suunto Clipper Compass

Clipper Compass

The Compass that is part of your gear.
Suunto attachable compasses form a natur..
Scubapro FS2 With Retractor

FS2 With Retractor

The FS2 Wrist Compass from Scubapro with a luminous dial for easy reading in low..
Suunto CB One

CB One

The Suunto Combo Console CB - One allows you to create a personal console accord..
Scubapro FS-1.5 Dive Compass

FS-1.5 Dive Compass

A compact and durable instrument for precise underwater navigation. Mounted in a..
Mares Mission 1

Mission 1

An anti-shock case with a precise pressure gauge featuring an easy-to-read displ..
Mares Mission 1C Wrist Compass

Mission 1C Wrist Compass

The Mission 1C Wrist Compass is designed for side and top reading, featuring a s..
Mares Handy Compass

Handy Compass

The Handy Compass has been specially designed for attachment to BCDs. Made from ..
Scubapro SPG U-Line

SPG U-Line

A pressure gauge that is compact and reliable makes for easy diving...
Mares Mission 2

Mission 2

This analog console with pressure and depth gauges offers a simple yet versatile..
Scubapro FS-2 Compass

FS-2 Compass

The FS-2 compass provides a unique tilt angle of up to 35 degrees, making it eas..
Mares Mission 2C

Mission 2C

An analog console with pressure gauge and compass, at an optimal angle for readi..
Scubapro SPG 400 Bar

SPG 400 Bar

This traditional standard-sized pressure gauge with a plastic case is mounted in..
Suunto SK 8 Wrist Bungee

SK 8 Wrist Bungee

The Suunto SK-8 is a high-quality liquid filled compass that has set a new stand..
Suunto Retractor for SK-8 Compass

Retractor for SK-8 Compass

The Suunto Retractor for SK-8 Compass.
This retractor kit is a good alternative..
Aqualung Depth Gauge Analogic 60m

Depth Gauge Analogic 60m

The Aqua Lung Depth Gauge, with its specially designed depth scale and luminesce..
Suunto High Pressure Xtreme Hose

High Pressure Xtreme Hose

The new Suunto High Pressure Xtreme hose. 33" long, flexible and lightweight...
Mares XR Hand Compass
Mares XR

Hand Compass

Navigate your way on your tec dives with this indispensable compass...
Suunto SK 8 Wrist Compass

SK 8 Wrist Compass

The high-quality liquid filled Suunto SK-8 has set a new standard for dive compa..

Scuba diving instruments are essential for diving. A dive compass is an essential part of the diving equipment for many divers. A dive compass is a tool that helps you determine your position underwater and can help you navigate. You can carry your dive compass in various ways. At Lucas Divestore we have diving compasses from renowned brands such as Suunto, Scubapro, Mares, Tusa and Rydec. View our wide range of diving compasses and order today!

What do you need a dive compass for?

There are several ways to orientate underwater. You can remember a landmark for yourself by looking underwater for elements you can easily remember or you can use a dive compass. There are several situations where a compass is very useful or even necessary. When diving in water with poor visibility, during a night dive or when you come to a dive site unknown to you, it is particularly important that you know which course you need to take to get back.

Where to wear a dive compass?

A dive compass is usually integrated into a scuba diving console. Is your dive compass not integrated into a dive console? Then you can choose to wear the dive compass on your wrist or your hand using bungees, you can also choose to attach it to a retractor. What will be the best solution for you depends on your equipment and personal preference. Need help? Feel free to contact us!

Dive consoles with pressure gauge and depth gauge

In addition to having a dive compass, a pressure gauge and depth gauge are often desirable. The pressure gauge shows how much air you have left in your dive cylinder. A depth gauge indicates how deep you are and after the dive, the trailing needle shows how deep you were on your last dive.

Questions about diving compasses or diving consoles?

Would you like more information about our diving instruments or do you need advice? Our experienced specialists are happy to help you! Contact us via mail on [email protected] or call us on +31548 615106! 

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