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3 Gauge console

If you want to have a compass, pressure gauge, and depth gauge in one console, a 3-gauge console is exactly what you need. With this, you have everything together and avoid extra hassle with tubes.
Aqualung 3-Gauge


Console with 3 instruments: SPG, depth gauge and compass. Including high pressur..
Scubapro Analog 3 Gauge Console

Analog 3 Gauge Console

Three-gauge console with compact, plastic-case pressure gauge, easy-to-read dept..
Suunto CB-Three In Line

CB-Three In Line

The fully modular concept of Suunto Combos allows you to create a personal combo..
Mares Mission 3

Mission 3

An analogue console with pressure and depth gauges, complemented by a dedicated ..
Scubapro 3 Gauge Inline Console

3 Gauge Inline Console

This sleek, three-gauge console combines a SCUBAPRO metal pressure gauge, depth ..
Tusa SCA-360


The SCA-360 is a newly redesigned 3 gauge console that provides continuous dive ..
Tusa Tusa SCA-330T

Tusa SCA-330T

Compact 3 gauge analog console includes a depth gauge, a high-pressure gauge and..

3 Gauge Consoles for diving

If you want to have a SPG, depth gauge and compass all in one console, then 3 gauge consoles are the solution! With one console, you have all the information you want. No extra hoses to get in your way!

SPG's and Depth Gauges

A surface pressure gauge (SPG) is very important for your dives. They allow you to see how much air is still in your tanks. They’re made of sturdy materials, such as brass or plastic. Often, they have one or more loops to attach a safety lanyard, to make sure you don’t lose it.

SPG’s can be displayed in PSI or bar. However, we only sell SPG’s in bar.

Depth gauges are made to show you how deep you are underwater. After the dive, the trailing needle shows how deep you were on your last dive.

What do you need a dive compass for?

There are several ways to orientate underwater. You can remember a landmark for yourself by looking underwater for elements you can easily remember or you can use a dive compass. There are several situations where a compass is very useful or even necessary. When diving in water with poor visibility, during a night dive or when you come to a dive site unknown to you, it is particularly important that you know which course you need to take to get back.

Where to wear a dive compass?

A dive compass is usually integrated into a scuba diving console. Is your dive compass not integrated into a dive console? Then you can choose to wear the dive compass on your wrist or your hand using bungees, you can also choose to attach it to a retractor. What will be the best solution for you depends on your equipment and personal preference. Need help? Feel free to contact us!

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