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Dive to the deep with the Mares Magellan HD trim jacket

Dive to the deep with the Mares Magellan HD trim jacket

By: Marco HartmanComments: 0

Discover new places underwater with the new Magellan HD trim vest from Mares, named after explorer Ferdinand Magellaan. This is because the Magellan HD is the successor to the already successful Mares Magellan and has a number of new updates. This makes your dive even safer and more comfortable.

Weekly diving with the Magellan HD

The new Magellan HD is perfect for the avid diver who wants to dive weekly. In fact, this rugged trim vest has a backplate on the back. This is nothing but a plastic plate to which the scuba tank is attached. Because of this you do not feel the bottle pressing into your back and that is very comfortable. The Mares Magellan HD is, unlike its predecessor, not foldable thanks to this plate which makes it slightly less suitable to use for traveling.

Carry plenty of lead and handy gadgets

The Magellan HD is a full air-only wing that provides a streamlined shape underwater and improved control of your buoyancy. The trim vest also features lead integration with a clip closure, making it easy to attach and remove lead. The lead pockets are enlarged and widened for easier access and can hold up to 4 kg of lead per side. For additional lead, two trim pockets are mounted on the back of the backplate. The amount of lead you need depends on several factors, such as the type of water (fresh or salt), the type of bottle used (steel or aluminum), and of course your body weight as a diver. Our diving experts will be happy to help you with this.

On both lead pockets are large metal D-rings. These are useful for carrying all kinds of accessories underwater. There are also two D-rings on the shoulder strap.

Despite the integration of these features, the trim vest is not equipped with storage pockets. There is, however, a roll-out storage pocket on the right side, so you can still take some small items with you underwater. The lead pockets also include octopus holders and the ability to attach a knife or Mares Line Cutter, increasing safety underwater.

Optimal support and comfort underwater

Available in three attractive colors (black, blue and aqua), the Magellan HD is designed for comfort and strength, with specially shaped padding that fits snugly to the body. Although suitable for single-bottle use, the vest offers a lifting capacity of 18.5 kg, making it suitable for most recreational dives. The lifting capacity is the same for everyone, despite the size of the vest. This does make the Magellan HD less suitable for technical divers who want to dive deep and long with two or more bottles.

Buy the Mares Magellan HD at Lucas Divestore?

Features of this new and sturdier variant are:

  • Equipped with a backplate
  • Available in different colors
  • Trim pockets in other places
  • Not foldable

Because of the padding on the inside, the Mares Magellan HD is also more comfortable than the earlier variant. It fits your body better. Are you interested in the Mares Magellan HD trim vest? Visit our store in Nijverdal or order it online!


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