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Suunto Ocean: the watch for above and below water

Suunto Ocean: the watch for above and below water

By: Marco HartmanComments: 0

The Suunto Ocean is the latest dive computer made with Finnish craftsmanship. Its watch model also makes it very good to wear as a smartwatch. So for both sporting adventures above and below water, the Suunto Ocean is your partner.

Always visible under water

While diving, you want to be able to read your dive watch clearly. Thanks to its amoled display, Suunto Ocean's screen is always clearly visible under water. This bright screen therefore features readable characters and bright colours. In addition, a variety of watchfaces can be selected. Customise the colours and compose your display to your own preference. Besides the customisable colour palette, Suunto Ocean comes in three colours: all black, steel black (with a grey border) and sand colour (with a silver border). Choose your favourite and dive away!

Keep track of daily activities

Suunto Ocean is your reliable watch for both diving and everyday life. With the Ocean, you can therefore keep track of every sport you can think of. There are 95 sports modes available, from diving and running to yoga and cycling.

Daily statistics are also tracked. For instance, the heart rate monitor measures your heart rate 24/7, your steps are tracked and it has oxygen saturation and an altimeter. And these are just a few of the features this versatile dive computer has. The Ocean pairs with the Suunto app for non-stop syncing to keep track of your daily stats.

The uniqueness of Suunto Ocean

As the first in the world, Suunto makes it possible for this dive computer to see live your route you have taken underwater. You can see exactly how you dived. The 3D option allows you to see your dive profile. Besides the route, you can also see how deep you dived. To use this feature, it is important to activate the dive app on your watch before entering the water. This way, the watch connects to the GPS satellite. Underwater, the connection to the satellite is broken. As soon as you surface again, the watch immediately reconnects with the GPS satellite. This makes it possible to find out exactly where you have been diving. Through the combination of sensors, the digital compass and depth recording, Suunto Ocean indicates the correct dive route and corresponding depths with between 90 and 100% certainty. After diving, all dives are immediately visible in the Suunto app.

Thanks to the integrated compass and GPS, you always know where you are and where you dived. Detailed maps of where you are going can be downloaded via the Suunto app. These are not loaded in by default, but are free to download. You can store up to 30 GB of maps on the hard drive. In addition, the app allows you to download extras that are not standard, such as for hiking, swimming and running.

Switched to the Bühlmann mathematical model

The Ocean is the first Suunto dive computer to run entirely on the Bühlmann calculation model. This watch therefore officially says goodbye to the RGBM calculation model. Thanks to the Bühlmann calculation model, all gradient factors can be set to your own liking. What is important then is that you know what you are doing. Don't just adjust anything to the factors, but know which numbers to set the gradient factors to for the ultimate diving experience.

With the Ocean, you can dive with compressed air and nitrox. With nitrox, the oxygen can be set to 100%. The dive computer is transmitter-controlled in combination with the Suunto Tank Pod. This allows you to see at a glance what your pressure and gas consumption is. Suunto's dive computer is good for up to 40 hours of diving. In watch mode, the battery capacity with all readings on is 12 days. If you have the GPS function on, it will last 40 hours with continuous use. Do you use it only as a watch and all other options are off? Then it has a battery life of 26 days.

Go for Finnish craftsmanship with Suunto Ocean

Go for Finnish craftsmanship with 100% renewable energy with the Suunto Ocean. This new dive watch has been developed, tested and trusted by diving and sports pros. It is the ultimate combination of a dive and sports watch as well as an everyday smartwatch. In our shop, we will be happy to tell you all about Suunto Ocean and show you all its options. Are you unable to visit us in Nijverdal, but do you have a question or would you like more information? Then get in touch with us!


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