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A scuba diving regulator ensures that you can breathe underwater. A scuba diving regulator consists of a 1st stage and a 2nd stage, in combination with a hose. The dive cylinder will be connected to the 1st stage and makes sure that the pressure is reduced to approximately 10 bar. The device, that will be placed in the mouth, is called the 2nd stage. The 2nd stages ensures that the pressure in the hose is reduced to ambient pressure.

Breathing trough stages

An octopus is regularly installed to the scuba diving regulator. This is an extra 2nd stage hose, which is often yellow-coloured. This hose can offer help to your buddy in case of an emergency. There are different connectors for a scuba diving regulator, INT- or a DIN-connector. The INT-connector is  mounted on the valve of the diving cylinder. This is the standard connector in the Netherlands. The DIN-connector needs to be mounted in the 1st stage of the valve. The DIN-connector is much firmer, compacter and lighter than the INT-connector. Besides the octopus, you will also need a diving console and an inflator hose. Often is an inflator hose included with a BCD.

Breathing comfort

Which scuba diving regulator fits your needs depends on the dives you make. Which is why we offer different types and levels of scuba diving regulators at Lucas Divestore. We offer entry-level regulators for diving in warm and relatively shallow waters. When scuba diving into the deep cold water, we offer a variety of high-end scuba diving regulators. For optimized breathing comfort, we offer diving regulators that are more balanced. Want to know more about the different types and levels of regulators? Read our blog: Which regulator suits you?

Do you need some advice when buying a scuba diving regulator?

At Lucas Divestore we offer you the best advice and we assist you in making the right choice. Please contact us. We are glad to help!

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