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Regulator second stage

A regulator ensures that you can breathe normally underwater. It consists of a first stage and a second stage, combined with a hose.
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Neptune III Full Face Mask

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Neptune III Basic

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Apeks XTX50 Second Stage

XTX50 Second Stage

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Scubapro G260 Second Stage

G260 Second Stage

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Scubapro S620TI Second Stage

S620TI Second Stage

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Apeks XTX200 Second Stage

XTX200 Second Stage

The XTX200 regulator incorporates a new front cover manufactured using high stre..
Scubapro S600 Second Stage

S600 Second Stage

A second stage regulator must translate natural breathing behavior into mechanic..
Scubapro A700 Second Stage

A700 Second Stage

The A700 is a second stage regulator with a hand crafted full metal construction..
Apeks XTX40 Second Stage

XTX40 Second Stage

Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing.The XTX pu..
Scubapro C370 Second Stage

C370 Second Stage

Simple and reliable, the air balanced C370 delivers consistent airflow, ease o..
Mares Dual ADJ Second Stage

Dual ADJ Second Stage

The Dual ADJ second stage is made of ultra-lightweight technopolymer with a Pneu..
Scubapro S270 Second Stage

S270 Second Stage

The compact Scubapro S270 Second Stage provides smooth breathing performance in ..
Scubapro R095


Our R095 is a second stage featuring classic downstream valve technology, well k..
Scubapro D420 Second Stage

D420 Second Stage

The new D420 features a brand new balanced valve inside a housing supported by a..
Scubapro R105 Second Stage

R105 Second Stage

R105 classic downstream valve design for dependable breathing performance..
Mares Dual Second Stage

Dual Second Stage

The simple Dual regulator is lightweight (183g) offering high air flow and an ea..

Second Stage Regulators

A regulator ensures that you can breathe normally underwater. It consists of a first stage and a second stage, combined with a hose. The second stage is the part you place in your mouth, allowing you to breathe, and it reduces the pressure from the hose to the pressure of your surroundings.

Adjustable and Non-Adjustable

Adjustable second stages have the ability to control the breathing resistance. This means you can adjust how easy or hard it is to inhale.

Balanced and Unbalanced

Most second stages nowadays are balanced. This means the second stage provides consistent performance, regardless of your depth or the pressure in the dive tank.


Venturi is the airflow in the second stage from the valve to your mouth. With an adjustable venturi regulator, you have a lever that allows you to adjust the airflow yourself.

Purge Button

A purge button allows you to expel water from the regulator.

At Lucas Divestore, we provide advice on the best second stages for your regulator. Visit our store in Nijverdal or get in touch with us for personalized guidance.

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