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Aqualung Leg3nd regulator

Aqualung Leg3nd regulator

By: Marco HartmanComments: 0

As the number 3 in the name of Leg3nd already implies, this new regulator from Aqualung is the third generation of the Legend series. Since this month, the renewed legend series is available in three different models, i.e. the Standard Leg3nd, the Leg3nd MBS and the Leg3nd Elite. All three models have exactly the same improved first stage. There is more on this below. All three models are available with automated second stage! In this blog, we would like to tell you more about the different models of the Aqualung Leg3nd regulator!

aqualung legend

Standard Leg3nd

On the left side of the standard Leg3nd, you can find the venturi switch. Venturi is a valve on the inside of the second stage, used to control the airflow. The venturi lever is an important function of the regulator. When you turn the venturi lever to the plus, the valve goes down so there is no blockage to the air flow towards the mouth. As a result, the diaphragm is vacuum-drawn and the airflow is optimised, making breathing easier. If you turn the lever to the minus, the valve goes up so there is some kind of blockage and the regulator cannot flow freely. This can be useful if you don’t have the regulator in your mouth when you go into the water.

Leg3nd MBS

The Leg3nd MBS has, as its name implies, the Master Breathing System from AquaLung, which allows the user to accurately adjust breathing via one control knob. This one regulator has two functions at the same time, it controls the breathing resistance and the venturi. You can also adjust the lightness of your breathing comfort, which improves ease of use. The moment you turn the knob lighter, the venturi automatically adjusts to the most optimal breathing comfort.

Leg3nd Elite

The Leg3nd Elite has both a knob for the venturi and a knob for the breathing resistance. This gives the advantage that you can adjust the breathing completely by yourself. You can personalise the airflow yourself and you are not dependent on pre-sets and automations from the manufacturer.


The material of the second stage has been optimised. With the new regulator, two different types of material are used at the mouthpiece. The models come with an extra-large lip shield that keeps your lips warm. This shield can be removed when not desired. The mouthpiece fits better on your chin, ensuring a more comfortable feeling while diving. The venturi also uses soft touch material which makes it feel softer in the hand. The lid of the second stage has side vents and these help to reduce the inhalation peak by 20 percent.

Los Angeles
aqualung legend series in box
aqualung legend scuba diving regulator


Renewed first stage

Basically, the new first stage is the same as we know it. The biggest innovation is in the cooling fins. This new model has five cooling rings, whereas it used to have one. The cooling fins provide 75% more efficiency to prevent ice formation. So, this is very suitable for divers who dive under extremely cold conditions. Normally, the regulators are tested at 10 degrees, but this regulator has been tested at two degrees. Even at two degrees, no freezing was detected. In addition, the breathing comfort has improved in terms of airflow. This set is the elite of the regulators!

ACD system

Of course, the first stage is equipped with the ACD system like all its predecessors. This is the pneumatic dust cap on the inside of the filter. All three new regulators can also be used with the renewed legend octopus.

More information?

Do you still have questions about the three models of the Aqualung Leg3nd regulator or do you want more information? Contact us or drop by in our shop in Nijverdal. We will gladly give you more information!


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