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The dive watch is one of the components of a standard dive gear. While snorkelling, it is nice to wear a dive watch, but the tool is essential for a diver. At Lucas Divestore we have several dive watches from various brands such as Suunto, Garmin, Seiko and more. These dive watches are suitable for any water type and therefore can be used at any time. Whether you dive with or without a tank, nitro or trimix inhale, Lucas Divestore has several dive watches for each level.

From simple analogue models with only a dive ring to digital or combi-analogue models. Different dive data can be read on this. Buying a good dive watch can be a complete quest. There are so many different brands of dive watches. Need advice? Contact us, we are glad to help!

Classic dive watches

The classic dive watch is equipped with a diving ring, also known as a register ring. Most analogue watches have a ring like that. This ring can only be turned to the left. The units on the dive watch are divided into minutes. These are shown in tens and/or otherwise in a colour. During diving, you can easily see how long you are diving. The handy of a professional dive watch is the clock hand

and the time units, they give light underwater. The dive ring can be set on the big hand of the watch. This way you can see in storage how long you are underwater. The more extensive models are often provided with a depth gauge. These models often contain a memory so that the data of the dives can be stored.

Dive watch as second device

Please note, a dive watch is a bit different from a dive computer. As a novice diver, it is wise, even if it sounds appealing, not to leave too much computation to a dive computer. It is wise to have a dive watch as a  ‘second device’. For maximum reliability during diving, a dive watch is one of the most important must-haves.

Order your dive watch at Lucas Divestore. We have over 30 years of scuba diving experience and are the largest with the best deals. We deliver all around the world and you can order from Greece, Spain, Malta, Malaysia and many more countries.

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