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Edox dive watches

Edox dive watches

By: Marco HartmanComments: 0

There are many different diver watch brands. Edox is one of them. To give you some background, Edox is a Swiss watch manufacturer who since 1884 is developing and making high quality watches. Christian Ruefli-Flury, the founder of Edox, was a highly talented watchmaker, that's why it may use the title “Maître-Horloger”.

Let's go back in time…

For the name Edox we have to go back to Ancient Greece. In the old Greek language Edox means “measuring of time”. When you look at the Edox logo you see that it is the symbol of the earliest way in how to measure time, the hourglass.

The Edox product line

Since the beginning of Edox in 1884 the line of products has grown strongly and into specific series and purposes. Every series has its own unique specifications. In this blog we take you to the different series that we have in our store and webshop. Also we give you some information that may help you in selecting your Edox watch. The series that we highlight in this blog are: Edox Delfin, Edox Skydiver, Edox Skydiver Neptunian, Edox Grand Ocean, Edox North Sea en Edox Co-1. Besides the high quality that shows on every Edox watch it is also the extreme clear glass that awes everybody. 


Edox Delfin

The Edox Delfin series was born in the year of 1961 and it has been Edox’s pride ever since. The basis of the Delfin is the invention of the crown with double gasket for greater water resistance. Patented in 1961 by Edox in Bern, Switzerland. Nowadays this invention is still used by several major Swiss Watch brands. Due to this specification the Edox Delfin series is shock resistant and highly water resistant. Till today it is still the underwater champion.

Edox skydiver

The Edox Skydiver watch series is based on the assignment of the military paratroopers, to make a watch for extreme conditions in the air, on land and underwater. This is also the basis of receiving its name Skydiver. In all conditions the Edox Skydiver has a top readability also in dark conditions due to the adding of Superluminova X1. Also great is the beautiful vintage look that gives the Edox Skydiver series a special place in the watch wearers heart. This series also is known for being certified with the 1000 meter certificate, which means it is able to work to 1 kilometre’s depth. 

Edox Skydiver Neptunian

The Edox Skydiver Neptunian is a logica addition in the Skydiver series. Now, almost 50 years later Edox has given this classic watch a fantastic makeover. This way the classic Edox Skydiver received its modern looks and feels in becoming the Edox Skydiver Neptunian and still has the roots of the historic inheritance. The Edox Skydiver Neptunian is also highly water resistant and built to function to pressures up to 1000 meters. Also the stainless steel case makes sure that also when used extensively it has a long life to go. The 3mm this Safire glass protects this classic but modernized dial, surrounded by its ceramic lunette. On the backside of the watchcase you find a beautiful engraving of the Romain god of the sea: Neptune.

edox Neptunian


Edox Grand Ocean

When you are in the surge of a watch series especially developed for the active sailor, and diehard diver than the Edox Grand Ocean is the one to choose. It is water resistant up to the depth of 300 meters and is designed to wear in and under intense use. Also the Edox Grand Ocean is very elegant and stylish to wear under all conditions.

Edox CO-1

The Edox CO-1 series has been designed and developed for the Norwegian Powerboat racer Pal Vilrik Nilsen. The Edox CO-1 series can endure the severeness of sports like Powerboat racing and therefore is also very usable for scuba diving and other outdoor activities. It has a cool looks, is very strong and reliable. Also the Edox-CO-1 collection has special features like the helium-valve, ceramic bezel (lunette) and Sapphire glass. A watch with great functionality and beautiful looks. 

The North Sea – Limited Edition

The Edox North Sea is a historic “Limited Edition''. Worldwide there are 320 pieces. This limited series is a bronze automatic watch, with ceramic bezel, Sapphire glass and day/date information. This watch is made in conjunction with the North Sea Divers and especially in contribution to the North Sea divers who in 1967 where working on the depth of 300 meters. Working in total blackness and under a pressure that is 30 times higher than on the surface. 

Edox limited edition

Edox watches at Lucas Divestore

Edox offers many options for divers in many different circumstances. Going to 10 meters, 100 meters or 1000 meters, we have the watch for you in our store and website. If you have any questions after reading this blog or just want some additional information then please contact us


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