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At Lucas Divestore, we have a wide range of wetsuits. We have wetsuits in a variety of thicknesses, including 3mm, 5mm and 7mm. The wetsuits are, depending on their thickness, suitable for different water temperatures. It is essential to wear a wetsuit that provides you with enough warmth, when scuba diving. You can determine the thickness of your wetsuit based on the water temperature. The right wetsuit will provide you with the best protection, but also keeps you warm during your dive.

What is a wetsuit?

Wetsuits are made from neoprene. This is a synthetic rubber that is filled with thousands of tiny gas bubbles. Neoprene provides excellent insulation, offers high level protection and the cost are relatively low. The insulation makes sure you will stay warm underwater.

How does a wetsuit work?

If you go into the water, a thin layer of water forms between your wetsuit and your body. The water is then heated to skin temperature and the wetsuit will keep you warm. The amount of insulation (thickness of the wetsuit) you need depends on the water temperature. In broad terms, there are three different thickness are for neoprene wetsuits: 3 mm, 5 mm and 7 mm.

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