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Diving with a dry suit has significant thermal advantages for both above- and underwater. In the Netherlands or other countries with colder waters a dry suit can come in handy. When the water temperature is below 12 degrees Fahrenheit, it is wise to dive with a dry suit. Because if it starts to get really cold, you don’t want to cool down too quickly. In colder waters you want to stay warm and that is what a dry suit is for.

Stay warm with a dry suit

A dry suit has a layer of air that is held around your body. The layer with air prevents you from cooling down too quickly. Underwater the heat capacity of water is higher than air. So you stay warmer with a dry suit in comparison with a diving suit that has no air layer (wetsuit). Want to know more about dry suits? See our blog: How does a dry suit work?

The benefits of a dry suit

Also above the water surface a dry suit has several advantages. You can wear the scuba diving dry suit with an isothermal overall underneath it. This will keep you even warmer while diving in colder waters and above the water. It doesn’t stop at the suit, but it is also really important that you wear dry suit gloves and diving boots to protect yourself from the cold water.

Can we help?

Do you need personal advice when it comes to dry suits? Feel free to contact Lucas Divestore, we are happy to help you. Our staff can give advice and help you with your choice.

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