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Accessories for dry diving

Accessories for dry diving

By: Marco HartmanComments: 0

If you are used to diving with a wet suit, diving in a dry suit can be quite a change at first. A dry suit can be recommended in cold water (water below 13℃). Would you like to dive in wrecks and caves? Then you really need a dry suit. Today, I will tell you everything about the accessories that are important if you want to go dry diving. Do you want to know more about dry suits first? Then read this blog.

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A cap is standard included with dry suits and it is always made of neoprene. It makes sure you do not lose too much heat through your head. It is important that the cap connects properly to your head, so that not too much water can get in. In most cases the goggles are worn under the cap, so there is always some water inside the cap. That is why a lot of versions have holes in the top. This way air can get out.

Boots or socks

Some dry suits have boots and some have socks. With most suits you buy from the shop you cannot choose if you want boots or socks. With brands that make customised dry suits, you usually do have this choice.


The advantage of boots is that they are attached to your suit, so they are easier and quicker to pull on. It is important that they fit well, so they do not slip off in the water. To prevent the boot from slipping from your foot, the new generation of boots for dry suits has the option to tighten the shaft with Velcro. The disadvantage of the boots is that shoe size is important, and it should be accurate, while feet of various sizes can fit into the same neoprene sock.


The big advantage of socks or soft boots is that these fit your foot tighter. A sock is made of neoprene and very flexible, so that it fits better, but this flexibility also means that the sole does not offer enough protection against stones and other sharp objects on the bottom. That is why you wear a rock boot over it. The advantage is that you can just buy this shoe in your own size, and that it cannot slip off. A dry suit with socks does take longer to put on, because you also have to put on the rock boot.

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Dry gloves

Dry gloves are connected to the wrist seal and make sure that your hands stay dry. The Thinsulate inner gloves will provide heat. As soon as you get out of the water, your hands will be warm again within five minutes. This is a big difference with how long your hands are cold if you do not wear dry gloves (it can then take an hour before your hands are warm again).

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Storage pockets for accessories

There are often practical storage pockets on the legs of dry suits, which you can use to take accessories with you during your dive. In case of a long dive you can put your back-up mask in here, but also your back-up lamp in case your main lamp stops working. There is also enough space for a deco buoy and a coil, so that you can always find your way back out of caves and wrecks. Do you want to make notes during your dive or be able to read a route description? You can then quickly and easily put your wet notes in your storage pockets.

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Heating units

Do you get cold quickly under water or do you take long and deep dives in cold water? In that case, heating units might be perfect for you. Because your dry suit is completely waterproof, you can carry special heating elements on the inside of your dry suit (in your underclothing), to keep you warm during your dive. And if water does get into your diving suit while your heating units are on? Thanks to the low 12 Volt connection nothing bad will happen, and you will always be safe underwater.

Customized dry suit

Having a dry suit customised is ideal if you dive a lot in your dry suit or if your size is non-standard (short, long, thin or thick). In order to make a customised dry suit, we will measure you in 26 different places, so the fit is perfect everywhere. An additional advantage of a customised dry suit is that you can choose everything yourself: the colour, the number and the location of the pockets. You can also choose the location of the inflator and deflator. A customised dry suit will be made completely according to your wishes.

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More information about accessories for dry diving?

Would you like to know more about different accessories for dry suits, or would you like personal advice? We are happy to help you. Ask your questions via email, chat or phone, or visit our megastore in Nijverdal (The Netherlands).


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