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Difference between divecomputers

Difference between divecomputers

The expectation and wishes are different for beginning divers or advanced divers and technical divers. Beginning divers probably can go for a entry level divecomputer but a technical diver would need a high end divecomputer. In this blog we will tell you all about the different types of computer we are selling.

Entry-level: all necessary functions are available

By a entry level Divecomputer you are buying a basic divecomputer with all necessary functions on board. A computer like this will meet all demands of a beginning Scubadiver. To give you an idea what entry level divecomputer to buy we selected following models for you: Suunto Zoop Novo, the Mares Puck Pro and the Aqualung I200C. It does not matter what kind of diver you are if you are planning to buy a good and simple divecomputer without extra technical specifications these are the ones to buy.

Most entry level divecomputers are big wrist-top models that only can be used during scubadiving, some can even be used as daily watch because they are small with great design to wear during the day.

Suunto Zoop Novo

De Suunto Zoop Novo is available in three different colours (black, yellow, blue) this is a big wrist top computer with a dot matrix display with back light so you you can read your divecomputer during a night dive. The Suunto Zoop Novo can also be used for nitrox use and is running on Suunto RGBM Algoritme.

Difference between divecomputers-1

Mares Puck Pro

The Mares Puck Pro is available in grey and blue. For only 150 euro you are buying a fully equipped divecomputer with bottom timer function, nitrox function, back light and many more. It is even possible to change the battery yourself.

Aqualung I200C

The Aqualung I200C is a small wrist top computer you can even use as a watch for daily use, because of this the I200 is the perfect computer to buy when you are travelling the globe. The Aqualung I200C has a beautiful design and comes in different colours.

Mid: For advanced scubadivers with specific demands

Our Mid-Range Divecomputers are specially design for Scuba divers demanding more from a divecomputer than starting Scubadivers. At the mid-range divecomputers you often have the option to perform a gas switch during the dive or that the computer has a integrated compass. A few examples of Mid-range divecomputers are Mares Quad, the Mares Smart, or the Suunto Vyper Novo.

Mares Quad

De Mares Quad duikcomputer has a bright and clear dot matrix display. The nice big screen makes this computer very suitable for divers wanting a big screen computer. Even the display can be adjusted to your own demands and can be personalized. You can connect the dive computer to your PC or Mac by using a divelink. When there is a software upgrade available you need the divelink as well, this can be done at home and the computer does not have to go back to Mares.

Difference between divecomputers-2

Mares Smart

The Mares Smart is a small wrist top divecomputer with a long battery live 2-3 years when you are not using the watch for a long time you can put it in sleepmode to safe battery life.

The Mares Smart is available is six different colours and this watch/computer has even a free dive mode. Due to the looks and weight of this watch you can wear it during all day.

Suunto Vyper Novo

The Suunto Vyper Novo is available in Black or White and has a Digital 3D compass built in. The Suunto Vyper Novo has 4 dive modi (Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free dive and Off). When buying the optional wireless transmitter you can even read the pressure of you cilinder on the computer and it shows you the remaining bottom and dive time. The Suunto Vyper Novo is equipped with Suunto RGBM algorithm and performs deepstops.

High-end: For those that want the best of the best.

High-end divecomputers are very suitable for those demanding more from their divecomputer. If you want to make deep dives, cave diving or Trimix dives you want to take the best computers on the market with you during your dive.

With the latest technology your are fully prepared to make that specific dive your are planning. Some examples of a High-end Computer are Suunto EON Steel, Scubapro G2 or the Shearwater Perdix.

Suunto EON Steel

The Suunto EON Steel is a next level divecomputer with full colour display and is specially designed for technical diving with a display you can personalise to your own preference so you can tell the computer what to see during the dive. The Suunto Eon steel has a build in 3D compass and has the option to communicate with up to 8 tank pods.

Difference between divecomputers-3

Scubapro G2

When making some serious dives you want to take the Scubapro G2 with you, this computer is one of the most advanced divecomputers on the market with five different Dive modi.

The internal logbook can store up to 1000 Logs. The Scubapro G2 shows you all necessary details you need during your dive. The bright colour display can be personalized with 4 different colour options.

A nice feature in the Scubapro G2 is that all options are included the diver can select any feature upgrade to be activated or deactivated. By activating a feature (trimix, free-diving, sidemount etc.) the 5Gig hard disk can store all features.

Shearwater Perdix

The Shearwater Perdix has a bright colour display and is easy to use with the 2 buttons on the side of the computer. The shearwater perdix is very popular under Technical divers due to the fact they can add different gasses and adjust the PPO2.

The shearwater Perdix runs on one AA Battery and has a battery life of approx. 36 dives. When it runs out of power you can replace it yourself.


When you are a starting scubadiver you can go with a entry level divecomputer or Mid-range divecomputer, depending on your wishes.

The entry divecomputer does what it needs to do without needing extra functions for dives you are not certified of.

When diving with multiple gasses you want to go for a mid-range or high end computer. The high end divecomputer is very suitable for technical use.


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