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The Neptune 3 divemask from Ocean Reef!

The Neptune 3 divemask from Ocean Reef!

By: Marco HartmanComments: 0

The Ocean Reef Neptune 3 is a full-face diving mask and is the third generation of the Neptune Ocean Reef. The Neptune III full-face mask has been completely redesigned to provide a very natural way of diving, allowing you to breathe through your nose and without using a mouthpiece. The time of diving with a dry mouth is over. The mask does not fog up and breathes normally in any position, even when you are upside down or diving in any other position. The field of vision is significantly larger and the breathing resistance is lower at any depth. With a Neptune III, you can dive more comfortably, safely and enjoy your dives more. You can read more about the possibilities of the Ocean Reef Neptune III here.

10% larger field of vision

The large field of vision of the Neptune III means that you no longer have any restrictions in your field of vision and the mask is slightly wider than a regular diving mask. A new design of the breathing mask and visor has reduced the total volume by no less than 15%. Because the visor is closer to your face and the regulator is differently shaped, your field of vision is increased by 10%. The positive buoyancy of the mask has also decreased by 13%.

Optimal breathing comfort

You actually no longer have water behind your mask, because the mask seals your entire face. If anything does get in, you can blow it out with the air you exhale. The continuous airflow prevents your mask from fogging up. The integrated regulator is a balanced second stage. You have the option to adjust the venturi for optimal breathing comfort. The new balanced regulator is vertically located in the mask and provides the diver with sufficient air smoothly at any depth.

The exhaust valve has also been optimized. When you inhale, the air passes outside the nose-mouth area and past the glass, so that the glass cannot fog up. With the previous model, you could choose to exhale on the left, right, or downward. It is now always straight down. The opening has been enlarged, reducing the resistance for exhaling for optimal breathing ease.

Clearing the mask

Because it is a full-face diving mask, you need to clear your nose in a different way than with a regular diving mask. You can clear your ears through special plugs at the front of the mask, near your nose. You put your nose in the mask against the plugs, which seals your nose and allows you to clear your ears. Using the included adapters, you can adjust the length of the plugs so that you can press them against your nose properly. When you put on the mask, it automatically seals airtight. There is also a plug on the right side of the mask, which is the surface valve. You use this to avoid wasting oxygen from the tank while breathing through the "hole" in the mask when you are on the surface.

Underwater communication!

What makes the Ocean Reef so great is the ability to communicate underwater. You can communicate wirelessly with a transmitter and receiver. You can insert a microphone into a plug on the left side of the mask, which is connected to a wired earpiece. It works like a walkie-talkie and is a one-way communication. You have the option to talk to each other via a button. This is the Neptune III package, which comes with all possible accessories. This means you don't have to build anything yourself and can use this set immediately and completely. The mask is ideal for cold dives, long dives, dives in chemicals, and work diving.

Neptune III Packages

The Neptune III can be ordered in different packages. The full package includes an octopus, pressure gauge, and a spare mask that comes in a snorkel bag. You can also choose to have a mask with a 1st and 2nd stage regulator and the mask itself. The mask is available in sizes S/M or L/XL and in black or white colours. Of course, the mask can also be purchased separately. As previously mentioned, you can choose to have communication in the mask and the option to have a visor light built in for better visibility during dives. The soft rubber bellows-style skirt and purge button give the Neptune III a rugged appearance and ensure that the mask can handle impacts. Are you curious? Contact us for the possibilities or check out the available packages.


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