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How do I choose a dive light? Marco explains!

How do I choose a dive light? Marco explains!

By: Marco HartmanComments: 0

Many (night) divers use a dive light. There are several dive lights on the market, from very cheap to very pricey. What are the differences between the dive lights? And which meets your requirements? I would like to tell you more about it in my blog so you can make an informed choice.

When do you need a dive light?

Dive lights are mainly used at night, but in some waters they can also be useful during the day. A dive light only has an effect with clear water. If the water is too turbid, a dive light shows the effect of beams in cars during foggy weather. A dive light can also be useful when diving in shipwrecks and viewing objects. The dive light is then useful to enlighten. The location of the dive is also of great importance for choosing the right dive light. For example, do you go night diving in the Netherlands? Then you have worse vision than in the tropics and you probably will choose a stronger light.

How do I choose a dive light-1

Communicating with light beams

A dive light can also be used as a communication tool under water to communicate with fellow divers. For example, a round is commonly known as an OK sign, and a vertical movement with the light means that something is wrong or that the fellow asks attention to a certain situation. In addition to a round or vertical movement, you can, of course, agree on additional signs. The rule is that the other diver also responds with a sign confirming that he has received the message.

How do I choose a dive light-2

Headlamp (primary light)

The headlamp is the primary lamp that you really shine with physically. Headlamps are available as a hand lamp or as a cable lamp. With a hand lamp you have the entire lamp, including the battery pack, in your hand. With a cable light, your lamp is connected to a cable. That cable is attached to your BCD or to your diving bottle. That’s where the battery pack is, to which the lamp is attached. The advantage of the hand lamp is that it is smaller and more compact than a cable lamp. A disadvantage of the hand lamp is that it has a shorter burning time. A hand lamp burns for an hour on average, a cable lamp always burns longer, because of a higher battery power. This can give a few hours of light. A cable lamp often works with a goodman handle. That is a lever through which your hand moves. The lamp is then, as it were, clicked on your hand so that you can keep using your hand during the dive. You always carry a cable light on your left hand. The battery is on the right. The reason for this is that the long hose (2.10 m breath regulator hose) passes behind the battery pack so that it does not float.

How do I choose a dive light-3

Back up-lamp

Something could happen to the headlamp during the dive, so that it no longer functions. It is therefore wise to always carry a backup lamp, so you can find your way back to the shore. Back up lights can also be used as a headlamp in the tropics. There you have visibility that is comparable to swimming pool water, and that is why you do not need that bright light. In addition, you often want to enjoy what is active at night. In too bright light certain nocturnal animals can withdraw, because they associate the bright light with daylight.

You do not want to hold the dive light?

The moment you have the dive light on and you want to free your hands, you can attach it to your BCD. This makes the lamp shine straight down and the bottom is nicely lit. You can also attach the dive light to the D ring of your BCD at shoulder height. Then you have to turn off the lamp, otherwise you can dazzle your fellow diver with the bright light.

More information about dive lights?

Do you want more information about the different types of dive lights or do you wonder which dive light is most suitable for you? Please contact us by email, phone or chat, or visit our megastore in Nijverdal.


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