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Which Surface Marker Buoy is suitable for your dive? Bjorn explains!

The use of a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) is seen by all organizations as an essential part of the basic equipment. Every diver needs to know how he deploys and uses an SMB and has also practiced it in his training. Do you use an SMB during your diving? Bas explains the different price ranges!

There are different types of SMBs in various price ranges and different brands. They have prices ranging between €20,- and €200,-. Depending on the application you use the SMB for, there is a suitable SMB. 

SMB for recreational diving

Do you dive recreationally and do you want a safety stop at 5 meters? Then a buoy between €20,- and €80,- is probably sufficient. The differences between SMBs of €20 or €80 are in the way they are manufactured. The relatively cheap SMBs are open at the bottom, and blow up with the octopus and a loose bundle with rope. Their use is not easy. A somewhat more expensive SMB can be inflated with both the octopus, the mouth and the inflator tube. At an SMB of around €80 is often a finger coil (a catrol with 15 meters cord and a double ender). In technical training, an SMB of around €80 is often used. 

SMB for technical diving

If you are more advanced, and do some more extreme diving or if you dive technically, you probably want to make several deco stops or safety stops. The SMBs used for this are somewhat more advanced and more expensive. They have an extra recess at the top to put a light on and the possibility to send wetnotes to the surface with a message. These more luxurious SMBs also have a pressure relief valve. 

More information about the SMBs?

Would you like more information about the SMBs, need help with your order or do you have another question? Please contact us or pay a visit to our megastore in Nijverdal. Our team of specialists will be happy to assist you! 

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