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Bauer Mini Verticus 150-320

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If you purchase this product you will earn 12225-19710 Lucoins!
If you purchase this product you will earn 12225-19710 Lucoins!

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Bauer Mini Verticus 150-320

Now significantly quieter: thanks to the new anti-vibration frame and noise-optimised Super Silent housing

Fully automatic B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control with colour display

B-DRAIN: The new automatic condensate drain is quieter and saves energy

Ergonomic design: optimum accessibility and operation

Long unit service life: use of high-quality materials that have been optimised for continuous use

Always on the safe side: Spare parts availability in more than 50 countries the world over – guaranteed for more than 25 years

The new MINI-VERTICUS combines the legendary BAUER compressor blocks with improved components and ultra-modern design! During the redesign, the focus was on ergonomics, making operation as easy as possible, reducing noise and boosting efficiency. MINI-VERTICUS is now available with a higher charging rate of 320 l/min and with an open design as standard. As Super Silent version, the MINI-VERTICUS is ideal for use in environments where noise is a key concern and for customers who need reliable and durable service combined with low running costs. The advanced B-CONTROL MICRO is more powerful and ready to communicate with the B-APP for remotely controlling and monitoring the compressor. All control elements that are important for everyday operation are ergonomically arranged and easily accessible from the front. A proven and powerful unit concept that is setting new standards in technology and ergonomics with outstanding BAUER quality and cutting edge technology. More than 70 years' experience of designing and building compressors and the extensive know-how of our test and development center enable us to produce systems which are perfectly matched to your needs and requirements.
MINI-VERTICUS breathing air compressor, up to 350 bar, 150 – 320 l/min, high-pressure compressor for compressing air and breathing air
Type designation Charging rate ¹ Max. operating pressure Speed approx. Motor output Purification system Net weight Dimensions L × W × H
l/min m³/h bar rpm kW kg cm
MV 150 150 9 350 1340 4 P 41 324 120 × 79 × 138
MV 200 200 12 350 1270 4 P 41 324 120 × 79 × 138
MV 250 250 15 350 1470  5.5 P 41 333 120 × 79 × 138
MV 320 320 19.2 350 1450  7.5 P 41 350 120 × 79 × 138
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Bauer Mini Verticus 150-320

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