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The best dive watches of 2022

The best dive watches of 2022

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A dive watch helps you dive safely. A diver needs to know how long and how deep you are underwater. Various dive data can be read on a dive watch so that you can keep an eye on how the dive is going. Check out the best dive watches of 2022 in different price ranges!

There are many different brands, models, diving functions, materials and timepieces to choose from. Finding a suitable dive watch can therefore be quite a search. At Lucas Divestore we have a wide range of dive watches in different price ranges. From very simple analogue models with only a diving ring to digital or combi-analogue models. In this blog, we explain the different dive watches.

Best dive watches under €300

When you start diving, you can opt for a simple analogue or digital dive watch in a somewhat lower price range. The analogue dive watches are often equipped with a rotating ring. With a rotating ring, you can easily measure how long you are underwater. A cheap dive watch doesn't have to be bad. Make sure that the watch can withstand enough water. For example, a watch with 10 BAR water resistance is only suitable for swimming and water sports. A watch must be water-resistant at least 200 meters, or 20 BAR, to be able to dive with it. Digital dive watches also have a computer function to register everything and get the most out of your dive.

A selection of good dive watches under €300:

1. Citizen Promaster NY0040-09EEM

Citizen Promaster NY0040-09EEM Set


Excellent watch with automatic movement. With a stainless steel case, crystal glass and water resistance of 20 bar, a beautiful complete watch. This beautiful set contains the Citizen Promaster NY0040-09EE, an extra stainless steel strap including tools and comes packed in a gift box.

See the Citizen Promaster NY0040-09EEM Set!

2. Orient Sport RA-AA0010B19B

Orient Sport RA-AA0010B19B duikhorloge


The Orient Sport RA-AA0010B19B is a stylish dive watch with a stainless steel case of 43.6 mm. The watch features a screw-down crown to maximize water resistance, as well as a unidirectional rotating bezel, illuminated Arabic numerals for easy tracking, a date window and illuminated white hour-markers for eye-catching visibility. Today's Diver Style is suitable for both corporate environments and outdoor adventures. With the mechanical movement, energy reserve of 40 hours and water resistance up to 20 bar, this is an excellent dive watch.

See the Orient Sport RA-AA0010B19B!

3. Citizen Promaster CA0710-82L Marine Sea

Citizen Promaster NY0040-09EEM Set


The Citizen Promaster CA0710-82L Marine Sea is an Analog Chronograph calibre type with 210 days power reserve. The silver case and strap make it a stylish watch. The glass is anti-reflective crystal glass and the watch is water-resistant to 20 bar. A good and complete dive watch under €300.

See the Citizen Promaster CA0710-82L Marine Sea!

Best dive watches under €500

The prices of dive watches can vary greatly. The price depends on the model, brand and number of applications. The more functions there are in the timepiece of a dive watch, the more expensive and better the watch becomes. The type of glass also determines the price. For example, the dive watches above € 300 already have a better timepiece and high-quality glass. The watches are in most cases equipped with synthetic sapphire glass. Sapphire glass is resistant to scratches due to its hardness. It is difficult to break and damage. In terms of quality, you can hardly choose better protection for dive watches.

1. Citizen Promaster JP2000-08E Marine Sea

Citizen Promaster JP2000-08E Marine Sea


The Citizen Promaster JP2000-08E is a good dive watch. The watch has a quartz movement with a combination quartz calibre. Some features of the calibre include max dive time alarm, electronic depth gauge, battery discharge indicator, max dive depth alarm and stopwatch up to 60 min.

See the Citizen Promaster JP2000-08E Marine Sea!

2. Seiko SNJ025P1 PROSPEX - De Arnie

Seiko SNJ025P1 PROSPEX - De Arnie


The Seiko “Arnie” is famous for its wearer Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wore this watch in his private time in the 1980s. It has been featured in a few movies including Predator, Commando & Raw Deal. It is a modern watch with a vintage history. In short, a sturdy appearance and is suitable for on, in and underwater.

Seiko SNJ025P1 PROSPEX (The Arnie) is equipped with a Duo-Display movement. It offers a chronograph, alarm, calendar and dual time. This watch is solar-powered and comes with a comfortable silicone strap with a steel buckle and deposit.

See the Seiko SNJ025P1 PROSPEX - De Arnie!

3. Seiko SRPF79K1 PROSPEX Special Edition

Seiko SRPF79K1 PROSPEX Special Edition - Seiko King Samurai


The Seiko SRPF79K1 PROSPEX Special Edition is a dive watch with mechanical calibre. The watch charges by converting the wearer's arm and wrist movements into energy. The movement of the watch causes the mainspring of the watch to be wounded. This spring is the energy source. Winding by hand is also possible.

When the watch is fully charged, the watch has an energy reserve of approximately 41 hours. The watch shown is a Seiko King Samurai special edition.

See the Seiko SRPF79K1 PROSPEX Special Edition!

Best dive watches under € 1000

The more expensive and more extensive models of dive watches often have more specific functions. This way you can view various data before and after diving. The watches are equipped with many new technologies such as a Bluetooth connection to digitally keep your logbook and the option to set your watch via the app. The watches also often have high-quality cases and movements. In addition to being extremely suitable for diving, these watches are also excellent to wear as jewellery.

1. Seiko SRPE33K1 PROSPEX special-edition

Seiko SRPE33K1 PROSPEX special-edition


The Seiko SRPE33K1 PROSPEX special edition 4R35 date display dive watch is a mechanical calibre. The watch automatically charges itself when worn by converting the wearer's arm and wrist movements into energy. The movement of the watch causes the mainspring of the watch to be wounded. This spring is the energy source. Hand-winding is also possible. When the watch is fully charged, the watch has an energy reserve of approximately 41 hours. The tick number of this machine is 21,600 per hour and the watch has 23 jewels. The 4R caliber is manufactured entirely in-house.

See the Seiko SRPE33K1 PROSPEX special-edition!

2. Citizen Promaster BN2021-03E Marine Sea

Citizen Promaster BN2024-05E Marine Sea


The Citizen BN2021-03E Marine Sea is a dive watch with the Eco-Drive movement. With the stainless steel case and crystal glass, this is an excellent dive watch. The watch is equipped with a decompression alert and depth sensor. The Citizen watch has a large energy reserve of 330 days and is water-resistant to 20 bar.

See the Citizen Promaster BN2021-03E Marine Sea!

3. Suunto D5

Suunto D5 duikcomputer zwart


The Suunto D5 is a diving computer in a watch version and has all the functions you would expect from a dive watch. This dive computer has a beautiful colour screen and four dive modes that you can easily scroll through with the three buttons. And with the Suunto Tank POD, you can see the gas pressure wirelessly. The Suunto D5 is equipped with a rechargeable Lithium ION battery. If you wear the watch daily with the Bluetooth function on, the D5 has a battery life of about a week. The housing is made of composite with a stainless steel bezel with mineral glass. The glass is slightly recessed into the housing, which minimizes damage to the glass. Waterproof to 100m according to ISO 6425 standard. The Suunto D5 is available in different colours.

See the Suunto D5!

Best dive watches under € 1,500

These watches often have a very high quality. They usually have an automatic high-quality Swiss movement with an impressive power reserve. This way your battery lasts extra long. Dive watches above €1,000 can often handle extreme depths. Usually, they are watertight up to 1000 meters and they have a helium valve. This way you can enter the water deeper, but also safer. When you dive to great depths, the pressure in the watch increases and helium can enter the watch. The helium valve prevents that.

1. Garmin Descent MK2i duikcomputer

Garmin Descent Mk2i duikcomputer


The Garmin Descent Mk2i is a smart watch-style dive computer. This computer has several smart functions. With this smartwatch you can, for example, store up to 2000 songs or play them via a streaming music app such as Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music. The computer has a large 1.4-inch colour screen that can be read in sunlight. You can also read emails, text messages and notifications from your wrist when paired with your smartphone. In summary, it is a very complete dive watch!

See the Garmin Descent Mk2i!

2. Shearwater Teric

Shearwater Teric duikcomputer blauw


The Shearwater Teric is a watch-style dive computer perfect for the novice diver and the technical diver who expects more. This dive computer is simple but very powerful and has different modes! The lithium battery is easy to replace and has a battery life of 300 hours on average and is water-resistant to 152m. The Shearwater Teric has a 3.53 cm AMOLED screen with vibrant colour reproduction.

See the Shearwater Teric!

3. Edox Delfin Mecano 85303 3M BUIGB

Edox Delfin Mecano 85303 3M BUIGB duikhorloge


The Edox Delfin Mecano 85303 3M BUIGB is a unique diver's watch with a transparent case back through which the mechanism is visible. The watch is equipped with a Swiss mechanical (automatic) movement. The Edox Delfin Mecano 85303 3M BUIGB is made of stainless steel and equipped with sapphire glass and a folding clasp. The dive watch is perfectly capable of functioning up to 200 meters deep, thanks to the double O-ring seals and the screw-down crown.

See the Edox Delfin Mecano 85303 3M BUIGB!

Best dive watches under €2,000

Above €2,000, the watches/dive computers become even more luxurious in terms of features or looks, of course, the looks depend on the person. Pay attention to this, because a dive watch is different from a dive computer. A dive computer gives you all the information about depth, time underwater, nitrogen build-up during a dive and warns you with alarms when an ascent is too fast or when the decompression limit has been reached.

1. Garmin Descent MK2i met T1 zender

Garmin Descent Mk2i duikcomputer met zender


The Garmin Descent Mk2i is already on our list of the best dive computers. This watch style dive computer can be paired with a transmitter. You can monitor your breathing all the time when you pair the Garmin Descent T1 transmitter with a Descent dive computer. You can monitor up to 5 tanks via SubWave sonar technology, allowing you to dive with multiple tanks or see your friends' oxygen levels.

The Garmin Descent Mk2i comes standard with a silicone strap, but it is also available with a titanium strap.

See the Garmin Descent Mk2i with T1 transmitter!

See the Garmin Descent Mk2i with transmitter and titanium strap!


2. Citizen Promaster BN7020-09E Marine Sea

Citizen Promaster BN7020-09E Marine Sea duikhorloge


The Citizen Promaster BN7020-09E Marine Sea is the first light-operated dive watch suitable for saturated diving. The new watch uses a wide range of Citizen technologies, resulting in ruggedness and even greater water resistance. For the BN7020-09E the Super Titanium IP technology Duratect DLC & MRK has been used to achieve maximum robustness and comfort. The Eco-Drive makes the watch independent of batteries. The watch is water-resistant to 100 bar and is suitable for diving at great depths.

See the Citizen Promaster BN7020-09E Marine Sea!

A dive watch is for safe diving. And whether you go underwater up to 200 meters or up to 1000 meters, whether you are a novice or experienced diver, at Lucas Divestore we have a suitable dive watch for you. If you have any questions, please contact us! We are glad to help.


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