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Underwater cameras

An underwater camera or diving camera is a nice addition or extension for your diving equipment. The camera allows you to take beautiful underwater photos and videos so you can enjoy your dive again. There are cameras and devices that are suitable for taking pictures underwater. These are useful for snorkeling but you need a special housing in you want to dive deeper. There are also underwater cameras and diving cameras that are specially made to dive deeper. These have permanent housing that can’t leak and these cameras are completely waterproof.

Handy with an underwater camera

In addition to the underwater camera itself, there are a number of additions that can make the underwater photos or videos even better. Do you dive a lot in dark water? Choose for a underwater camera with a lamp. The lamp emits a strong light that illuminates the environment in front of the camera. This makes your photos even more beautiful.

If you don’t prefer a lamp on the camera, a flash can be an option. You create the same effect with this, but the environment is only temporarily lit. This is perfect for stationary objects. Fish are often shocked.

As an addition to your underwater camera, you can use an arm or tripod. This makes it much easier to hold and place the camera underwater. Tip: Extra batteries are nice to have.

Dive cameras at Lucas Divestore

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