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How to choose a suitable travel bag? Marco’s tips!

When selecting a suitable travel bag, you will make a distinction whether you will use it weekly (for example for a pool training) or whether you use it for traveling. With a travel bag for traveling, you also have to take into account whether you want to transport the bag in the luggage compartment or as hand luggage in the cabin. Depending on the requirements, you then choose the desired size of your travel bag. Curious about the differences? Marco explains the different travel bags.  

For weekly use (in pool training)

If you want to use the travel bag on a weekly basis, for example in training sessions in the swimming pool, you will probably opt for a smaller sports bag model. You often need fins, masks and a towel for training. Occasionally, there must be a BCD along with a set of regulators, but often not thick 7mm wetsuit. This makes the travel bag a lot more compact. 

For traveling (in the luggage compartment)

If you want to take your diving equipment with you on vacation, you will go for a bag with more content. It is therefore important that the travel bag is not too heavy. After all, you are limited in the number of kilos that you can take with you. Most bags come with wheels. There are several travel bags available with or without a pull system. To save weight nowadays the pulling system is often omitted and a handle is attached to the top of the bag. This saves weight, but the bag is still easy to roll. In addition, all bags are equipped with shoulder straps, so you can also carry the bag as a backpack. Bags that go on vacation usually have a capacity of 100 to 160 liters. All these bags are of course also suitable for weekly use, because the entire dive set (excluding the bottle) fits perfectly in the bag. 

For traveling (in the cabin)

Do you want to travel with hand luggage only? Then you need a smaller bag that fits into the cabin of the aircraft. Often, people who choose this also take a travel set on vacation, such as the Aqualung Outlaw.

For diving in your own country: diving boxes

In addition to the bags, we also offer diving boxes. These are widely used in the Netherlands by divers who dive in the Netherlands. The diving box is a firm box, which can not wear out (such as a duffel bag). There is a handle and space to attach the bottle on top. Ideal to pack the diving equipment, put the box in the car and travel to the dive site. The diving box is obviously too big and unworkable to travel with. We offer two types of diving boxes. Both boxes fit a complete diving equipment.

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