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Atomic Aquatics BC1, a new buoyancy compensator

New at Lucas Divestore; Atomic Aquatics. The Atomic Aquatics brand is known for its total high end products. All products are made of the best and most comfortable material to ensure an optimal user experience. They do not look at development costs and that results in an optimal product that meets all the requirements of a diver. You can read more about the BC1 from Atomic Aquatics here!

No less than 30 years warranty

The Atomic Aquatics is a new buoyancy compensator that meets all the needs of a diver. The BC is focused on comfort, durability and user-friendliness. This buoyancy compensator needs little maintenance and it has an extremely long life. Furthermore, Atomic gives a 30-year warranty on the entire buoyancy compensator. 

The possibilities

The BC1 has a number of major advantages. Some of the new possibilities of the jacket include the CAM-LOCK tank strap system, the patented cylinder attachment system, coated and stainless steel rings and sand-resistant pocket zippers. 

Fully coated buoyancy compensator

First of all, the Atomic BC1 is made of a waterproof and coated fabric, which prevents dirt and water from adhering to the material. This makes the jacket self-cleaning and results in minimal maintenance. In addition, the entire BC is completely water repellent. This has the great advantage that it hardly has to be cleaned or dried after diving. In addition, the jacket has an ultimate lead system that can be placed with little effort. The entire system is fully integrated and super easy to use. The Atomic BC1 is known for its ease of use. The jacket includes a ‘soft neoprene’ collar in the neck that provides an extremely comfortable fit. Also, the panels on the inside are soft, which make you feel like you are sitting in a super comfortable chair. This provides the ultimate comfort. 

Cam-Lok Tank Band system

The BC1 also features the patented Cam-Lok tank band system. This is comparable to a quick release system from the ski sport and it makes it easy to adjust the system to the size of the tank. With this, you can easily apply different tank sizes. It also ensures that the tanks cannot move and stay safely attached to your jacket. 

Integrated lead (EZ-LOK weight release system)

The ultimate integrated lead system in the BC1 makes it easy to click the lead pockets into the jacket by hand. The locking system is interwoven in the jacket to prevent incorrect mounting of the lead pocket. This makes it practically impossible to lose the pocket during your dive. A filled pocket with 4.5 – 5 kilos can be attached with only a small amount of force, the sound of a subtle click makes it clear that the pocket is secured.

Sand-resistant Pocket Zipper 

The BC1 is the most ideal jacket for divers looking for quality. The jacket has the ultimate zippers. Normally you can see the teeth of a zipper but the zipper of the BC1 hides its teeth because the whole zipper is closed with a PVC protection. This way, no dirt can get into the zipper. This is also called a ‘Sand-resistant Pocket Zipper’. The sand does not have a chance to get into the zipper. 

Extra weight pockets

The buoyancy compensator is equipped with steel rings with a titanium coating. These are slightly larger and placed at an angle as standard on the BC1, so that attaching and detaching accessories can be done without any problems. The jacket also has extra weight pockets on the back, where 2 to 2.5 kilos can be stored. The jacket can carry up to 15 kilos of weight. 

The BC1 is available in two colours, completely black or black in combination with red. The inflators are available with a steel or titanium inner shell. View the products here.

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