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3 new SEAC Dive lights!

SEAC has launched 3 new dive lights and 5 upgraded dive lights within the R-series. Almost all lights can be used both as a primary light with a spotlight, but also as a video light with a flood. Which model meets your requirements?

Dive lights are mainly used at night, but in some waters they can also be useful during the day. The location of the dive is also very important when choosing the right dive light. The SEAC dive lights can be divided into two categories, namely primary lights and backup lights. 

Primary lights and backup lights

SEAC primary lights are used for diving in dark areas where the use of a flashlight is necessary. For example in the Netherlands, but also in caves or during night diving. They are mainly used in dark waters to create sufficient light. Often, in addition to a primary light, a backup light is included.  

Backup light

It may happen that during the dive something happens to the primary light and it stops functioning. It is therefore wise to always have a backup light with you to find your way back. Backup lights can also be used as primary lights in the tropics. Because of the clear water, you often have a lot of visibility and the moonlight penetrates the water, so you do not need such a strong light.

New and updated R-series  

SEAC has updated the R-series with three new dive lights, the R40, R15 and T5. The R-series now consists of 8 different dive lights. The existing lights in the SEAC series are also equipped with the latest options. The battery can be removed and charged manually. Each product in the R-series also contains a switch lock.


New battery and switch lock

All 8 SEAC dive lights are now rechargeable via a USB port and contain a rechargeable Lithium battery. This battery can also be removed, so you can safely transport the light in your suitcase. At the back of the lamp, you can open the lamp and the USB port will appear. Also the charging part can be removed from the light, so you can remove the Lithium battery. All SEAC lights are equipped with a switch lock. This is a new, very useful function, which ensures that the light cannot automatically be turned on or off. By means of a rubber ring, the light button is fixed and thus stays on. By turning the ring, the button falls into the ring, so it can be turned off. All upgraded models and all new models of SEAC have this switch lock.

Primary lights R-series SEAC

The general characteristics per model in SEAC primary lights. Below you will find the number of lumens per model:

  • R15: 50 to 900 lumens
  • R20: 430 to 1020 lumens
  • R30: 450 to 1500 lumens
  • R40: 730 to 2300 lumens

Backup models R-series SEAC

Each model of the backup lights has its own strength and possibilities. Below you will find the number of lumens per model.

  • Q5: 200 to 700 lumens
  • T5: 500 lumens
  • R3: 120 to 400 lumens
  • R5: 50 to 500 lumens

Burn time

The burn time of a light varies. For example, the SEAC R30 with its 1500 lumens. This light can be set to a 12-degree spot and up to 75-degree flood. Different ways of use affect the light’s burn time. If you use the light in dim mode, it will consume a maximum of burn hours. For the R30 this is about 5 hours in dim mode and 2 hours at maximum power. All lights in the R-series can be used to a depth of 100 meters. Each light we supply comes with a standard wrist lanyard.

More information about dive lights?

Do you want more information about the different types of SEAC dive lights or do you doubt which one is best for you? Contact us by e-mail, phone or chat or come to our megastore in Nijverdal.

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