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Seac Komoda 7mm Set Female

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Seac Komoda Lady 7MM

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Seac Vest Warmflex 5MM Female

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Seac Pro HD Boots

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Seac F1 S

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Seac Dry Seal 500

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Seac Komoda 7mm Set Female

Seac Komoda 7mm Set Female

Seac Komoda 7mm Set Female super elastic with extra flex nylon Neoprene suitable for coldwater diving including boots gloves and finns.
This Seac Komoda 7mm set Female contains
  • Seac Komoda 7mm
  • Seac Vest 5mm
  • Seac HD boots
  • Seac Glove dry seal 500
  • Seac Fin F1S

Description Seac Komoda 7mm set Female

Outer lining: Super-elastic Extra Flex nylon with Yamamoto 38 rubber. Honeycomb structure of the rubber • Inner lining: Dry Fiber • Wrists and ankles: dual cone in Smooth Skin with YKK zipper • Hood: Integrated in the vest with “Air Draining” system.

Details Seac Komoda 7mm set Female

  • Waterproof system of the water barrier behind the zipper
  • Anti abrasive polyurethane protection on knees

Variations of Seac Komoda 7mm set Female


Details Seac Warm Flex vest

5mm Neoprene vest with front zipper and air draining system in the hood to be used over the komoda suit for extra warmth and comfort specially for cold water diving.

Details Seac 6,5mm HD Boot

6 mm boot with rigid, high-grip sole and oblique zip for easier dressing. Sizes: XXS/XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL

Details Seac Dry seal 500 Glove

Glove in 3.5/5 mm Superstretch Neoprene to guarantee maximum comfort. Perfectly water-proofed at 100% thanks to the Liquid Seal on the seams and the innovative inner ring in Glide Skin with the Ring Seal Aquastop system. Maximum warmth is also emphasised by the decision to use Therma Fiber Plush as in inner lining. Palms are reinforced with Rubber Coated cut-resistant material. Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL

Description Seac F1S Fin

Blade material: technopolymer Ultralight Flex with high performance and high resistance to impact even at low temperatures • Shoe material: combination of technopolymer and thermoplastic elastomer • Weight (single fin): 730 g.
  • Sling Strap System.
  • Ribbing protectors to guarantee longer life.
  • Anti-slip system carefully designed to work in all positions.
Variations Seac F1S fin
  • Size: S-M/M-L/L-XL
  • Color: Black-Black/Black-Blue/Black-Yellow/Black-Red/White-Pink/White-Aquamarine
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Seac Komoda 7mm Set Female

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