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High-pressure dive cylinders are strong bottles with compressed gas, which is the most important part of your diving equipment. The scuba tank can be filled with compressed air or enriched air nitrox, which consists of more compressed air and less nitrogen. It can also be filled with a trimix that consists of three different types of gases.


A dive tank or cylinder is often made of steel or an aluminum alloy. The steel cylinders are strong and resistant to external damage. These cylinders often have a large capacity. However, it is important to maintain the bottle well, so you can prevent rusting.

Inspect your dive cylinder

Make always sure that your scuba diving tank is approved. It is very important that your diving cylinder is hydrostatically tested every 5 years. The test period could be different depending on the country. Our diving tanks are being picked up by ‘Het Stoomwezen’ every two weeks at Lucas Divestore to be tested. The diving cylinder is then tested for expanding of the materials and rust. With proper maintenance, the diving cylinder last a long time.

A diving tank for your whole career

In case of good maintenance, you buy a scuba diving tank for your entire diving career. Lucas Divestore is happy to give you personalized advice. Do you want to hand in your cylinder for inspection or do you need help with an appropriate diving cylinder? Please contact us for more information. Our staff will be happy to help you out and give you a personal advice.

World wide delivery

We deliver our diving tanks and other diving gear all around the world. We deliver in Greece, United States (USA), United Kingdom, Sweden, Malaysia and many more. We always strive to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Depending on your location the shipping costs and the delivery time are determined.

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