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Santi Thermovalve

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If you purchase this product you will earn 266 Lucoins!
If you purchase this product you will earn 266 Lucoins!

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Santi Thermovalve

Inflator aansluiting voor het verwarmingssysteem van de Santi Extreme BZ400, Heated Gloves, Heated Vest en 6AH batterij.  
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Santi Thermovalve

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  • 90° moveable valve head for more convenient hose attachment which allows for optimal E/O cord and pressure hose settlement under the drysuit,
  • includes two electrical connectors on opposite sides of the cable:
  1. connector to connect with the battery adapted to work in water (E/O cord),
  2. waterproof plug compatible with SANTI Heating System products,
  • works with power supply no higher than 12V,
  • total length of the cables including plugs – about 55cm,
  • includes valve-nut, works also with „APEKS” nuts,
  • available with „APEKS” or “SI-TECH” screw size,
  • CE certified.