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A snorkel mask is, as the name suggests, meant for snorkeling. A snorkel mask is perfect if you want to quietly enjoy the underwater world just below the surface of the water. A snorkel mask is suitable for snorkeling but not for scuba diving. Compared to a diving mask, you cannot get to your nose and therefore not equalize the pressure with your ears.

Full face mask increasingly popular

A snorkel mask with rising popularity is the full face mask. The biggest advantage of a full face mask is that it covers your entire face. You can breathe through a full-face mask as you would do above water. It is possible to breathe through both nose and mouth, in contrast to traditional snorkel masks with a snorkel.

A full face snorkel mask is easy and suitable for all ages. There are models for men, women and children. With this mask you can snorkel without any problems and have perfect vision. The most important advantage is that you will never again get water in your mouth during snorkeling. Do you want to know more about snorkel masks? Read our blog: How does a snorkel mask work?

Snorkel masks at Lucas Divestore

Are you looking for a suitable snorkel mask? View our selection below! We have an extensive range for men, women and children. Need advice? Please contact us and our specialist will help you with your choice. We ship our snorkel masks all over the world. We deliver in Thailand, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and many more countries. The shipping costs and delivery time depend on the country.

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