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Snorkel sets

Most people who start with snorkeling will buy a snorkel set at the beginning.  A snorkel set consists of a snorkel and diving mask at minimum. Snorkel sets are very popular for more than one reason. For example, snorkel sets are a lot cheaper when compared to purchasing everything separately. You are ready to go snorkeling in one go and don’t have to search for suitable snorkeling equipment. Just search for the snorkel set that fits your needs. With some snorkel sets, you also receive a bag to transport and store your snorkel set.

Different types of snorkel sets

We offer different types of snorkel sets. A snorkel set can also consist of different combinations. From Rash Guards, snorkel fins, masks and snorkels. Take a look at our products and choose a set that matches your wishes and needs!

Lucas Divestore has professional snorkel sets but also offers snorkel sets for beginners. From large to small and for men, women and children. This means there is enough choice for every type of snorkeler. Want to know how a snorkel or snorkel mask works? Then read our blog: How does a snorkel mask work?

Snorkel sets at Lucas Divestore

We offer a wide range of snorkel sets for everyone. View our wide selection snorkel sets below! We ship our snorkel sets all over the world. We deliver in Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark and many more countries. The shipping costs and delivery time depend on the country.

If you would like to know more about our snorkel sets, please contact us. We are happy to help.

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