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The BCD for travelers: Mares Magellan!

Ferdinand Magellan (1480 – 1521) was a Portuguese explorer who was the first to sail around the world in Spanish service. The new Mares BCD is named after him, and that is not surprising: it is a perfect BCD for travelers. Wondering why? Halvar is eager to tell you!

Ideal travel vest

Mares Magellan is the newest travel vest from Mares. It is an extra lightweight vest that is easy to fold, for example to put in your backpack. Ideal for traveling! Another big advantage is the soft neoprene band at the shoulder straps. This offers extra comfort on the bare skin. The ergonomic concave (hollow) shoulder straps also provide improved comfort at the neck and shoulders. 

Handy features

The new lead system of the Mares Magellan comes in a 4 kg and 6 kg, depending on the dimensions. The smallest sizes come from the 4 kg lead pockets, the large sizes with 6 kg lead pockets. Optionally, trim weight pockets are possible, which you can attach to the tank strap. On the right side is an expandable bag, for example, to store your deco buoys or reserve mask. The BCD is easy to tighten with the rapture tightening system. 

Different options possible

The Mares Magellan is available in black in three different sizes. Both the smallest and the largest size has no less than 18.3 kg of lift capacity! 

Learn more about the Mares Magellan?

Would you like more information about the new Mares travel vest, or would you like personal advice on the purchase of your BCD? We are happy to assist you. Contact us or visit our mega store in Nijverdal for a cup of coffee and tailored advice. 

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