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New: Otter Atlantic! Marco explains!

Otter Atlantic is the successor of the Otter Brittanic. This suit has a completely new cut compared to the Otter Brittanic, a new model of boots and easily accessible storage pockets. The Otter Atlantic is also equipped with the latest generation of flexible, lean skin material for optimum wearing comfort. Curious about all the features of this new drysuit? Read on!

Successor of the Otter Britannic

In terms of specifications / options, he is the same as the popular Otter Brittanic. Like the Otter Brittanic, the Otter Atlantic is equipped with a front closure and telescopic system, which makes it easy to put on and take off the drysuit yourself. The big tangible difference is in the flexible material, the cut, the storage pockets and boots.

New cut

During the development of the Otter Atlantic, Otter looked at what the wishes are of divers who are diving intensively, and have thus put a new standard for dry suits on the market for 2019. For example, the suit fits better on the body from head to toe, reducing the resistance underwater to a minimum. Especially under the arms you can see that the cut is different from other Otter drysuits. In previous models there was a seam under the armpit because the suit was cut with the arms horizontal. With the Otter Atlantic, on the other hand, the panel is cut assuming the arms are raised and executed with a completely seamless panel from the hip to the wrist. This new cut results in optimal wearing and freedom of movement during diving.

More spacious and more accessible storage pockets

The storage pockets on the legs are different from those of the Otter Brittanic. They are easier to access and more spacious. With various bungees to attach accessories. The pockets also have a double compartment so you keep the wetnotes, reels and masks separate.

Turbo Boots

With the Atlantic, Otter makes use of turbo boots for the first time. These are supple neoprene boots with velcro closure around the ankles. This ensures that there is little air supply to the feet, so that the air is optimally distributed during diving. The turbo boots provide optimal grip in the fin and provide sufficient protection while walking on unpaved or rocky environments.

Customization possible

As with any other suit from Otter, it is possible to have the suit fully customized. When fitting such a suit, you are measured on many points (24 points for men and 26 points for women). Each pattern is drawn and cut by hand. Handy tip: inside each suit is a suit number. Do you want to order your custom-made suit again? Then we can simply pass on the suit number and have the suit cut again. 

More information about Otter?

Would you like more information about Otter, the new Otter Atlantic or about dry suits in general? Then you are at the right place at Lucas Divestore! Within the Netherlands, we are the only ones who sell this brand. Curious about how this relationship originated? Check out this blog. Do you have another question or would you like advice? Then contact us. We are happy to provide you with personal advice!

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