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Scubapro Equalizer C370 set

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Scubapro Equalizer

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Scubapro MK11 C370

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Scubapro R095 Octopus

Same charactistics as the R095, but with a high visibility yellow front cover.

Scubapro Compact 2-Delig Console

859.00 735.00 607.44 (excl. btw)
£648.32 (incl. btw)
$700.40 (excl. btw)
$983.72 (excl. btw)
792,944.00 (excl. btw)
ر.ق2,550.20 (excl. btw)
RM2,912.31 (excl. btw)
3,162.16 (incl. btw)
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859.00 735.00 607.44 (excl. btw)

  • The C370 is a Balanced fist and second stages
  • The Equalizer is light weight and ideal for travelling
  • With weight integration
  • The C370 can't have a other colour front cover
  • The Equalizer don't have trim weight pockets

Scubapro Equalizer C370 set

The Scubapro Equalizer C370 set is ideal for the new and advanced diver who want a little more breath comfort.
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Scubapro Equalizer C370 set

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