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Bauer PE Smartline 300 Electric Drive

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If you purchase this product you will earn 7975 Lucoins!
If you purchase this product you will earn 7975 Lucoins!

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Bauer PE Smartline 300 Electric Drive

POSEIDON EDITION units combine core components from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN in uncompromising quality whose ability to perform is beyond doubt with equipment that has been optimised for its intended purpose. The familiar durability, high safety and clean air quality conforming to international norms and standards naturally also comes as part of the package. The PE-TE/PE-TB breathing air compressor series strikes a particularly good balance between price and free air delivery. Their integrated oil pump supports angles of inclination of up to 15 degrees, making this series of units particularly suitable for use on ships or for installation in vehicles. Thanks to their compact dimensions, the units are very easy to transport and will fit into the boot space of many cars. The mobile compressors of the POSEIDON EDITION are available as electrical (PE-TE) and gasoline (PE-TB) versions.
  • Uncompromising on quality: With a robust compressor block and piston rings made from wear-resistant special plastic
  • Durable and robust: Thanks to oil cooling in the final compressor stage. For low wear and long service life
  • Ideal for use at sea: Intercoolers and aftercoolers made from rust-free stainless steel. For high corrosion resistance
  • Reliable lubrication: Thanks to low-pressure oil pump with oil filter. For effective lubrication and long oil change intervals
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Technische specificaties

Charging rate ¹ (l/min) 300
Drive (Motor) Three-phase motor, 400 V, 50 Hz ²
kW 7.5
Filter system P 21
Net weight (appro× . kg) 140
Dimensions L × W × H (cm) 110 × 50 × 57
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Bauer PE Smartline 300 Electric Drive

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IK 120 3-stage compressor block

IK 120 compressor block
The BAUER IK 120 series compressor block has been designed for the most demanding professional applications. Dimensioned for more than 30,000 operating hours, it has proven its worth in thousands of application scenarios.

Diagram of TRIPLEX filter system

P 21 filter system
When used in conjunction with original BAUER filter cartridges, the P 21 filter system with integrated oil and water separator and pressure retention check valve can be relied upon for breathing air treatment conforming to DIN EN 12021¹. A type-tested and sealed final pressure safety valve enables particularly high levels of operational safety to be achieved. 140 m³ of air can be treated.

¹ If the units are maintained and installed correctly as described in the operating instructions or user manual and if the concentration of CO2 in the intake air does not exceed the values specified in the applicable standard for breathing air.

Filling device complete with final pressure gauge

Filling device
The filling device comprises a flexible “UNIMAM” high-pressure filling hose and filling valve complete with final pressure gauge. The final pressure gauge makes it easy to read off the filling pressure. It is protected against damage by a durable rubber jacket.

High-quality UNIMAM high-pressure filling hose 200 or 300 bar

Filling hose
High-quality UNIMAM high-pressure filling hoses made from food-safe and long-life hose material make for flexible and safe handling. Swivel hose connections enable the filling valve to be connected to the breathing air cylinder quickly, easily and safely.