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Apeks XTX200 Tungsten & XTX 40 Octopus

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Apeks XTX200 Tungsten & XTX 40 Octopus

TUNGSTEN The Tungsten regulator is based on our very popular limited edition Black Pearl regulator. With its own definite look, it has a very different luxurious but hard-wearing PVD coating finish. The operating design is based on the highly successful Apeks ATX200 regulator which has proven its ability over the last few years. Features include the attractive, craftman finished, metallic front cover and touch-improved purge and ergonomic controls and handwheels. The Tungsten is therefore a blend of a very high performance piece of equipment with exceptional good looks and the strength to put up with the rigours of diving. The perfect combination for a top regulator. The' High Tec' grades of Chromium, Titanium, and Zirconium give this regulator an extremely hard, low-friction Diamond PVD finish (Physical Vapour Deposition - a computer controlled process that guarantees performance and reproducibility). PVD offers extreme protection and high resistance to wear. The Tungsten is suitable for use with up to 40% oxygen as standard and can be cleaned suitable for 100% O2.   XTX200 The XTX200 regulator can be converted from a right handed hose configuration (as supplied from the APEKS factory in the standard) to a left handed one. This regulator also features a Reversible Venturi System (RVS). Changing the regulator to a left handed configuration is both quick and simple and can be performed by any APEKS Authorised Service Technician. The XTX200 regulator incorporates the new feature of the Diver Changeable Exhaust System (DCE). This system gives the diver the ability to change from a small exhaust to a large exhaust tee. This gives the user a choice of the wider exhaust tee for minimal bubble interference (essential for underwater photography) and the narrow exhaust tee for a smaller compact comfortable regulator (ideal for travel or for use as an octopus regulator). The exhausts are made from strong, yet light-weight material, essential for the diving environment. We also supply different coloured mouthpieces and exhausts for regulator individualisation which is very useful when using multiple regulators with different mixes. The XTX200 regulator incorporates a new front cover manufactured using high strength plastic which greatly improves the durability of the most vulnerable part of the demand valve and an aesthetically pleasing chrome plated metal insert immediately identifying this regulator as a top of the range model. The new purge button has improved the purge itself. Due to the new open design the purge is self clearing and prevents debris build-up. The new ergonomic Venturi lever of the XTX200 has been designed to reduce the amount of grit ingress and also incorporate an index-able, tactile / audible ratchet Venturi lever mechanism. A new swivel hose connection is available at an extra cost. This allows the demand valve end of the hose connection to rotate and pivot, providing a more comfortable fit. A new silicone exhaust valve has been used on the XTX200 regulator improving breathing performance.
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Apeks XTX200 Tungsten & XTX 40 Octopus

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Informatie over de fabrikant

Apeks is een Britse fabrikant van duikartikelen in Blackburn. In 1974 is het opgericht door Ken Ainscough en Eric Partington. De naam Apeks is een anagram van hun voorletters. Apeks is eigendom van Aqua Lung, een dochteronderneming van Air Liquide. Apeks is wereldwijd bekend om zijn Ademautomaten (vooral bij koudwatergebruik) en drooguitlaatkleppen. Vele militaire en nooddiensten maken dan ook gebruik van de kwalitatief hoogwaardige producten van Apeks.
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