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Dive torches and lights

Mares EOS 20RZ W/L


Be illuminated with the EOS 20RZ! This torch offers a luminous intensity which m..
Scubapro Nova 850R

Nova 850R

The Nova 850R diving light delivers intense illumination, ideal for lighting up ..
Mares Eos 15RZ

Eos 15RZ

The EOS 15RZ dive torch offers excellent power, extended burn time and a range o..
Metalsub XRE850-R


This latest type of the XRE-collection is the most compact Metalsub hand lamp, a..
Mares Eos 10RZ

Eos 10RZ

The EOS 10RZ is bright, versatile and practically indispensable - perfect on rec..
Metalsub Battery Pack

Battery Pack

Battery package for torches.
Mares Eos 10R

Eos 10R

The light, compact EOS 10R dive light offers incredible power in a handy size! I..
Scubapro Nova 850R Wide

Nova 850R Wide

The Nova 850R Wide delivers the same illumination and offers the same features a..
Closeout stock
Mares Twin beam

Twin beam

Very compact aluminium back up light with a ultra bright beam with over 5500 kel..
Seac R30


Seac R30 Torch is the latest model with 1500 lumen output and can be focused in..
Metalsub KL1242 LED 6350

KL1242 LED 6350

KL1242LED6350: The newest and most powerful Metalsub cable lamp with a capacity ..
Mares Eos 10RW

Eos 10RW

The compact, light EOS 10RW torch is equipped with a wide light beam - excellent..
Scubapro Nova 250

Nova 250

The Nova 250 is a versatile dive light that can be stored in the smallest BCD po..
Mares Eos 5RZ

Eos 5RZ

The 5RZ boasts a wealth of features - adjustable focus, rechargeable battery, LE..
Oceama Torch Spider T-3000

Torch Spider T-3000

Our bestseller - Super lucid diving light with 3 Cree LEDs and a capacity of app..
Scubapro Nova 850

Nova 850

The Nova 850 diving light delivers intense illumination, ideal for lighting up t..
Nanight Tech 2

Tech 2

The Nanight Tech 2 is the latest edition in the Tech series. Designed for more..
Metalsub KL1242 LED 2400

KL1242 LED 2400

This complete set consists of: Cable light KL1242 LED2400, Battery tank PR1204 o..
Seac R40


Seac R40 LED dive-light has a output of 2300 lumens at full power, and with low ..
Mares Goodman Handle Eos

Goodman Handle Eos

This sturdy hand strap can be used to securely attach your dive torch to your ha..
Metalsub XRE1250-R


The newest Metalsub hand held update, with extended burn time, more power and re..
Metalsub XL7.2


This compact version of the XL hand helds is known for its robust impact-resista..
Metalsub KL1242 Led6350 Set

KL1242 Led6350 Set

The latest LED6350 version of the Metalsubs cable lamp collection with its enorm..
Oceama Torch Whale

Torch Whale

A small, very light diving lamp with 10° spot and wide-angle halo...

A dive light is a very important part of the diving equipment for every diver. With a dive light, you can easily lighten your underwater surroundings. The sight of the (night)diver will greatly improve and will ensure that he/she has good visibility underwater.

Cable lamps up to hand-held lamps

We have a wide range of dive lights which can make diving a lot easier. We have for example hand-held lights and cable lights. Hand-held lamps are the normal flashlights that can be held in your hand. These lamps consist of one single part.

Cable lamps consist of a battery pack, a cable and a head. This battery pack is often secured on the diving bottle or cylinder so the diver only has the light weighted head in his hand.

Almost all dive lights we offer are nowadays equipped with LED lighting. This light is very powerful and consumes little power. This makes it possible to dive for a longer time with limited battery capacity. In addition, the life span of LED lands is very high. On average a LED dive light will last around 10.000 hours.

Communication with a dive light

Dive lights can be used as tools to communicate with fellow divers underwater. By using the dive lights there are fewer uncertainties and it is possible to signal each other when something is wrong.

Lucas Divestore also offers a selection of video lamps. These dive lights act like a normal flashlight with a wide beam of light, but you can also film with it. The light is widely dispersed, as it prevents stain on the image from occurring. With this, you have a lamp and an underwater camera in one.

Buy your dive light today!

Check out our range of cable lamps and other dive lights below and order today! Do you need more information or want to have some advice? Feel free to contact us. We will glady answer your questions and provide you with advice.

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