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A dive knife is essential in every dive equipment. Lucas Divestore offers a wide range of diving knives. We offer dive knives in different sizes and materials including stainless steel and titanium dive knives.

Titanium and stainless steel dive knives

There is a relatively small difference between stainless steel and titanium dive knives. Both are good materials and are long-lasting. The materials do not rust, which makes them very suitable for diving. Stainless steel knives are generally cheaper and sometimes require some maintenance. A titanium dive knife will never rust, doesn’t require maintenance, but is slightly more expensive.

A dive knife is often attached to a diving suit. Smaller knives are often attached to the BCD so that the knife can be pulled quickly when needed. Larger knives are often attached to the leg of the diver. Dive knives are seen as cutting tools and should never be used as a weapon.

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We deliver our diving equipment worldwide. Whether you are in Australia, Malaysia, India or Greece, we always try to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Order your dive knife at Lucas Divestore and take advantage of the lowest price guarantee and fast delivery!

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