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The modern digital buddy line: Buddy watcher. Bjorn explains!

The buddy line is a cord with which two divers attach themselves to each other. This is sometimes desirable, especially in poor visibility: it prevents you from losing sight of each other and ensures that you, as buddies, always stay close together. Very useful, but the cord can also be experienced as annoying. Fortunately, there is something new: the wireless digital buddy line: Buddy Watcher. 

NOTE: The Buddy Watcher is no longer available. We would be happy to advise you on a suitable alternative.

How does the Buddy Watcher work?

The Buddy Watcher works as a communication system under water. If one diver emits an ultrasound frequency, the device vibrates with the other diver. Before the dive you agree with each other as dive buddies what you want to do with Buddy Watcher, as with a buddy line. 

Basic, Pro and Master

The Buddy Master has three different models: Basic, Pro and Master. The Buddy Watcher Basic can send a signal within a distance of 80 meters. This basic model only works with a vibrating function and has no screen. The Buddy Watcher Pro has more options. Because there are lights on the device, you can read how far away you are from your buddy. Each dash represents a distance of 5-10 meters. You can set in advance at which distance you would like to receive a warning. The Buddy Watcher Master is the most comprehensive of the three. With the Master you can link multiple buddy pairs together. This is especially useful for diving instructors, so they can communicate with multiple students at the same time. 

Sending signals

You cannot send a continuous signal. After 30 seconds it is possible to send a second signal again and there is a maximum of 2 signals per minute. After delivering the signal, the Buddy Watcher of your dive buddy will vibrate for a few seconds. A big advantage of the Buddy Watcher is that the signals are not harmful to the underwater world. Research has shown that flora and fauna do not suffer from this frequency. Organizations such as dolphinariums and zoos also use this equipment. 

More information?

Do you want more information about the Buddy Watcher or do you have another question about one of our products? Please contact me or one of my colleagues. We are happy to help you! 

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