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Best diving masks of 2019. Marco tells you all about it!

A diving mask is one of the most advantageous parts of diving equipment, but perhaps the most important purchase. After all, it determines whether you dive comfortably and do/do not see things underwater. Curious about the different characteristics of our diving masks or do you want to know what we think are the best diving masks of 2019? Marco tells you all about it in this blog. Read on to find out!

Which criteria should a diving mask meet?

A good diving mask always contains different parts:

  • a nose for clearing;
  • tempered glass for good protection underwater;
  • a silicone skirt which ensures that the mask stays airtight and watertight on the face;
  • a strap, so that the mask stays on the head.

The best diving masks of 2019

There are different types of diving masks on the market, each of which suits other preferences. It is therefore impossible to name one product as the best diving mask of 2019. I like to show you the differences between our most sold products, so that you can make a conscious choice for your dive mask. 

What do you pay attention to when purchasing a diving mask?

Which diving mask is most suitable for you depends on various factors, such as the size, the silicone skirt, and the glasses.

Diving masks are available in different sizes. So you have diving masks that are especially suitable for children’s faces, for narrow adult faces and for standard adult faces. If you want to know if a mask fits well, put it on your face without attaching the band behind your head, and breathe through your nose. If the mask pulls a vacuum, you know that the size is good.

Silicone skirt
For the silicone skirt you have the choice of a clear (transparent) or dark look. The choice for one of these two options depends on your own preferences. Qualitatively, there are no differences. People choose clear silicone because of the light transmittance and the wider field of view. Do you want to remove the extra light and ambient shades for a quieter view? Then you will probably choose a diving mask with dark silicone. Not only the color, but also the material can vary per diving mask. The cheaper masks are often equipped with some stiffer silicone material that we had in the past. Diving masks in the mid and high-end class feature smoother and softer silicone material which is easy to fit to the shape of your face, resulting in greater comfort.

A continuous glass or two separate glasses
There are two options for masks in terms of glasses, 2 glasses or 1 continuous glass. In terms of visibility it does not matter which type of glasses you choose. But beware: do you wear glasses or lenses and would you like a diving mask with glasses with prescription? This is only possible with diving masks with separate glasses. For this, I refer you to the blog ‘Diving mask with prescription lenses’.

Anti-reflective glasses
The diving masks in the entry level and middle class are not equipped with anti-reflective glasses. The high-end models of diving masks are equipped with anti-reflective glasses and often also offer UV-420 protection and colored glasses. The anti-reflection coating on the glass allows for greater contrast and a calmer view.

Diving masks in the entry level class (30€ – 49€)

– Mares Opera
– Aqualung Look
– Scubapro Futura 1

Diving masks in the middle class (50€ – 89€)

– Tusa Freedom Ceos M-212 (bestseller)
– Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquid Skin
– Scubapro Frameless Mask

Diving masks in the high-end class (89€+)

– Tusa Paragon
– Tusa Visio Pro M-110SQB
– Scubapro Pro Ear 2000

More information about a diving mask?

Would you like more information about our diving masks or would you like advice on which diving mask is most suitable for you? The staff at Lucas Divestore are happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us! 

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